The Ides Of March

“The Ides of March” – Channeling from Bashar by Darryl Anka.
The idea now of this general timing that you have called in your   society, “The Ides of March”, though we understand that technically   speaking it is your 15th, recognize that there is a larger window than just a   single day for the phenomenology that is represented by the term “Ides   of March”.Relatively speaking you can draw a window from about your 12th day of   March to your 18th day of March, give or take a day or two on either side,   depending upon the year, depending upon the changes that have gone on in your   collective consciousness as to the energy that surrounds an approximate   midpoint of March 15th.
This   gateway that we are referring to is simply the result of your collective   consciousness on many different levels, both physiologically and   non-physiologically, of course, coming to a certain point of momentum … a   certain point in the cycle of the changes and the evolution that goes on   within you.As each and every one of you, individually, begins to explore and investigate certain   things and move in certain directions, your collective momentum creates   certain energy gates that afford the individuals in your society an   opportunity to ride the collective energy of that gate through to another   level .. through a doorway to another level, another accelerated momentum of   yourself. It is an opportunity in this Ides of March window, for you to have   better assessment about who and what you are, to more precisely clarify who   and what you believe yourself to be, who and what you desire yourself to be.
This timing is a particularly, shall we say, important one. It is like   unto the eye of the needle, as you describe it, in that the only way you can   really allow yourself to pass easily, without struggle … without pain …   without effort, through the eye of the needle, through the transformational   .. transitional eye of the needle doorway, and to really let go of all the   things that don’t belong to you because only you, only the true you … the   real you … the natural you will fit through the eye of the needle. Anything   that does not belong will not fit. If you try to bring it with you through   the eye of the needle, it will be a struggle … it will be a strain … it cannot   fit.
So now is the time for clarification and cleansing, for releasing of   those ideas, those belief systems, those patterns, habits and so on and so   forth, that may have been placed within your consciousness, by your parents,   by your peers, by your society, that do not define the you you prefer to be,   that are not about who you KNOW you really are, in your heart of hearts …   to let them go and to redefine and reassess yourself, especially now at this   time, because it is SO fortuitous, the momentum that exists right now for   high acceleration.If you are really willing to let go of those things that don’t work   for you, then this timing is when you can really take advantage of the   collective energy of your society, that affords you, as we have said … this   wave, to ride through the gate, through the doorway, so that on the other   side, at the end of this particular timing of cycle as we have labeled it,   you can find yourself truly beginning to function as a new person in a new   reality, having let go of those things that have been holding you back …   weighing you down, and find yourself much more highly accelerated, and   feeling lighter and seeing more instantaneous manifestation in your lives,   keeping things more in the present. .. more in the now, more immediate …   rather than projecting into the future, projecting into the past.
Letting go of those things that don’t   serve you will help you remain more firmly in the present, and allow you to   gather and integrate all your energy in the here and now, so that you can   function with more awareness … more consciousness.
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