Being In The Now Moment

What a difference a day can make!
The snow that was on the mountain yesterday is almost gone this morning.


Mount Shasta – yesterday’s snow is almost gone

We have been receiving tremendous support and encouragement as a result of our Newsletter, our Facebook and Blog Postings. We are so thankful for the financial support we have been receiving. I am touched by how many people are connecting with My Journey and the Messages I am receiving.


Up on the mountain, in the area where I camp

Yesterday, I went into town for a shower and to connect to the internet. I went to the local KOA Campground and for $10.00 I had my shower. I sure do enjoy a good hot shower and a clean shave. I then went to Yaks, a local gathering Hot Spot. I checked my emails, and before I knew it, I had entered the realm of concerns for the Tomorrows of My Life. Because I am not physically at Angel Valley I am discovering deeper and deeper aspects of letting go, surrender, and just trusting! This process has been more challenging than expected, and it is bringing me closer to the core issue of trust. So for the next few hours I dwelled in the fears, the worries, and questions around my sanity and what I am doing.

As I was leaving Yaks I received a phone call from a day visitor I had met last September at Angel Valley. He described what my Blog Articles were doing to him and for him, and how he was impacted by the energy behind the words. He lives about 5 hours from Mount Shasta. He wanted to drive up to Mount Shasta today to see me and spend time with me, and to give me a contribution for my trip. We had a beautiful connection and I will be meeting him in a few hours.

I was re-centered again! I realized how sacred yet fragile the space of the Now Moment is. By the time I had driven the 13 miles up the mountain, I felt even more the importance for me to focus on Being in the Now Moment.


Majestical trees on my drive up and down the mountain, as if they were planted and groomed, welcoming one into paradise. Nature is awesome.

Before I went to bed I asked Adama, and Archangel Michael for support in Being in the Now Moment and seeing the perfection of Everything.

I awoke with the clarity, that my time here on the top of the mountain has been to experience this Now Moment energy. To give you an example. When I first arrived and got out of the car, I heard a beautiful sound coming from somewhere but did not see anyone. Just when I was ready to leave, I saw a woman playing a bowl. I commented that the sounds were beautiful.

We began talking and over the past few days we have had numerous interactions. It seemed that we both had gifts for each other. I am fascinated that in all our talking we never discussed the past of where we were from, nor the future of where we are going. It has been all about the Now and what we are doing Now. Her name is Mary, but I do not even know her last name. She has been living in her car for the past few months. That is about all I know.

This is one of the first times, if not the first time, that I did not feel the urge or interest to ask typical questions like: ‘Where are you from’, ‘What were you doing before you came here’, ‘Do you have children’, etc.

In this space of NOW there is no past and there is no future. There are only stories we make up, so we can talk about the past and the future, keeping our mind active. I know that I was in the space of ‘Heart-Now-Moment Energy’ when I was with this woman. Thank you, Mary, for being you!


Meeting Mary – Being in the Now Moment

Being with Mary, and connecting more deeply with My Heart and the Now Moment, made me recommit to choose to:

With Pure Love and Gratitude for ‘All That Is’ and for ‘All That Is Not’ I move forward today on this Path into the Unknown.

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One Response to Being In The Now Moment

  1. karen taff says:

    Hi Michael, I read all your blogs today, out loud to my daughter Carolyn and some to Larry. I am thrilled for you and this opportunity for another road trip.

    What I witness in the NOW moment is that it’s all about being with What Is, as it is, without trying to control it or fix it, or wishing it to be any different. And for god sake, karen, don’t make a story about it, because it’s just the mind distracting you again!

    Try as hard as you want, Karen, to stay in the present moment, you can’t….the mind is doing what the mind is doing, because you are not the doer! The mind is not to be believed or trusted…It is Yes one day, and No the next. The concept of “we are NOT the doers” seems helpful to me in all of this.

    “Everything is pre-determined. I only “think” I control my life”….try that concept out for size.

    LET GO is more the order of the day. What is going to happen, is going to happen. I don’t know about you, but my suffering comes from resisting WHAT IS.

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