Taking The Lemurian Energy With Me

As I prepare to leave Mount Shasta, I find myself reflecting on my time here, what I experienced, what I did not experience and what I am taking with me. I have been on this mountain for over 14 hours a day for 3 days, which equals more than 42 hours. I never saw any UFOs, I did not consciously meet anyone from Lemuria or Telos, and I did not sleep worth a darn.


Every time I drove past these trees, they caught my attention. They felt like a family of three brothers, a three-in-one tree. What flashed in my mind was the word ‘Trinity’: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Last night before I went to bed a car drove by and asked me for the best place to camp for the night. He said he was from the Chicago area, his friend from the Oregon Coast. As he drove by other areas, they did not feel the right place, so he kept driving up to where I was. He wondered what to do. It was too dark to hike further up the trail. As I shared what I experienced when I was looking for a spot to park my van, I found myself saying, ‘Listen to your Heart and you will know where to go and set up camp.’

This morning I awoke with a sense of disappointment. I did not think I had much to write about. I then realized that, just because I did not remember meeting Adama, or have conscious memory of the teachings I may have received, does not make them any less real. They are inside me! It did not take long for my disappointment to be transformed into an understanding and a euphoric sense of excitement. The Universe IS listening! And the people I encounter are the Universe’s messengers.


Mount Shasta, Portal to the Lemurian city Telos. No, this is not a picture I took, but it does reflect what I am feeling.

During these past 3 days, no matter how much I thought about using my pendulum to find more clarity, I was unable to use it. Every day when I was in town, I would have so many questions spinning through my mind about this or that. My thought would be: when I get back to the mountain I will ask. Not once was I able to find the inspiration to ask any questions. Once up the mountain, the Past and the Future just did not seem to exist. I had no worries, no concerns, and there were no questions to be asked. It was like the Past and the Future ceased having a hold on me. They just did not matter. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed that ‘State of Being’ where only the NOW matters!

This morning, it was like my Pendulum was saying: I am here, I am ready! Let’s get some clarity! So I asked the following questions:

  1. Is my time here on Mount Shasta complete? YES
  2. Is it time to leave Mount Shasta today? YES
  3. Have I received all that I could take from the energies here on Mount Shasta? YES
  4. Did I meet with, connect with, and receive information and support from Adama? YES
  5. Is the energy of Adama now part of me? YES
  6. Have I been re-programed and re-wired? YES
  7. Has ‘Listening to My Heart and Acting On What Excites Me The Most’ been programed into my cellular memory? YES
  8. Have I been re-wired to receive guidance more easily? YES
  9. Was Peter’s invitation to visit him a gift from the Universe and My Higher Self? YES
  10. Am I to drive to Peter today? YES

(Peter is a friend of my son’s who sent me a Facebook message inviting me to visit him and his family in the Santa Cruz area).
I now have clarity about what the past three days have been about, and where my next steps will take me.


Mount Shasta Big Springs, the headwater of the Sacramento River. As I had run out of Angel Valley water, I asked around for the purest, clearest and freshest water in the area. This is where I was told to go. I’m ready to go on the road again.

I want to share the very exciting interaction yesterday, with Marco from Tracy and his friend Cindy, the couple who drove almost 5 hours to meet me. If they had not contacted me, I might have left Mount Shasta yesterday. Here are some words from Cindy and Marco about their experiences:

“The day gave me the realization to always stay in the Now Moment.
Yesterday is dead and gone. Today is a new day, the only moment we have.
Also, to always listen to my heart. If something does not bring me joy, then I don’t want to do it.
We are all here to unite in love, light, peace, unity, harmony, truth and freedom.
The love of those that live in Mount Shasta, seen and unseen, so inspired me, that they raised my consciousness level, to become as one with them in unconditional love.
I am still vibrating at such a high level from this trip, that I feel a little frazzled today, when it comes to handling practicalities.” 

My time with Marco and Cindy was a profound Exchange of Love. In addition, they financially contributed to My Journey. I thank them from the bottom of My Heart. They will be traveling with me on My Journey.


Meeting with Marco and Cindy, messengers of the Universe

Amayra just told me that Marco called Angel Valley this morning, just to share that he was still buzzing with energy, and that he is ecstatic about feeling a completely new person.


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3 Responses to Taking The Lemurian Energy With Me

  1. marco says:

    Thank you Michael. I am forever grateful for who you are. I must add that while visiting you, You were not alone. You were surrounded by the ones You went to visit. I needed to be there to confirm to you that everything you were searching for showed up. Cindy and I saw them with you. We will never be the same after that encounter with You and Adama of Telos.

  2. karen taff says:

    The picture you snapped of Mary clearly looked like she was from Telos to me. Adama is making contact with you, just not in the form you expect. Become willing to release what that form should look like.

    Quit with the questions and that swinging pendulum!…..it is totally “in your head, I gotta know”, ego mischief. Like you told me years ago: You will always know what you need to know when you need to know if. That is Trust.

    You will ultimately find that there are no questions……there is only WHAT IS…and that my friend is the NOW moment. In the material you quoted in today’s blog, the aliens Marco and Cindy are telling you the same thing.

  3. Stephen Froom says:

    Dear Michael, I’m smiling and connecting with you on your journey. I’m glad for you – stepping away from the valley for a while and having time to see yourself and all of it anew. And I have had some beautiful times in Mt Shasta, so it is great to see it again through your camera and your heart-mind.
    Much love and hugs. Stephen x

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