Clarity Inspired By The Redwoods

These redwood trees, they are inspiring! They don’t survive by themselves. They support and rely on each other. They are working together. Connecting with that aspect of them gives me a great sense of oneness. They show me what community means and give me clarity on how I want to move forward with Angel Valley.


Redwood trees, living and working together, relying on each other, growing in oneness.

A few days after we sent out our last newsletter we received an email from a dear friend. His letter indicated that we had not been clear on what we are requesting and why we are requesting support. We take responsibility for that.

We are in a steep learning curve of asking for public support. We apologize for any lack of clarity we may have sent out so far. Thank you, Steve!

What we are Requesting and why we are Requesting Support:

Yes, we are asking people for Emotional, Spiritual, and Financial Support!
Yes, we have bills that need to be paid!
Yes, we have mortgages that need to be refinanced until they can be paid off and Angel Valley becomes Debt Free!
Yes, we are inviting people to Listen to Their Hearts!
Yes, we are inviting people, to take Action that is in alignment with what they feel or hear from within as their Truth in every area of their lives!
Yes, we are inviting people to Do what Excites them the most and Brings them Joy!
Yes, we are inviting people to share of their Talents, of their Abilities, and of their Financial Abundance!
Yes, we are inviting people who have skills and are passionate in the areas of Marketing, Promotion, Finance, Office, Construction, Energy Work to connect with us.
Yes, we are inviting people to join us in manifesting the Vision, and the Dream given to us in 2008 by Archangel Michael of a New Paradigm Community!
Yes, we are trusting Our Higher Selves, Archangel Michael, ALL Beings of Love and Light, and Creator GOD to touch, to inspire, and to guide people in assisting and in participating with us in the manifestation of a New Angel Valley.

Come walk with us!
Imagine for a Moment that YOU are Embracing the Dream, The Vision and that You are Becoming a Member and Part of Angel Valley, a Physical, and Virtual New Paradigm, Heart Centered, Lemurian, 5th Dimensional Community!

A Community where Everyone Listens to Their Heart!
A Community where Everyone Loves Themselves!
A Community where Everyone is Acting on their Excitement and their Joy!
A Community where Everyone is Doing What They Love Doing!
A Community where Everyone is Being Their True Natural Self!
A Community where Everyone is Working Together and Supporting Each Other!
A Community where Money is Experienced as a Tool in Sharing, in Exchanging Goods and Services with a Conscious Energy Stewardship!
A Community where Angels, ET Beings, Earth Elementals, Animals, and Humans Dance, Sing, and Play Together!

The Support we are Requesting is about building this New Community of Friends, Kindred Spirits and Soul Families, where people explore and discover their True Essence and their Divinity!

Because everything is Here and Now, this Community already exists NOW.
It is called ANGEL VALLEY!

Redwoods, nature's antennas, vital to our spirit

Redwoods, nature’s antennas, vital to our spirit

I have found a grove of five huge redwood trees. Standing right in the middle is thrilling. They feel like counselors to whom I can reach out. Trees are often referred to as spiritual antennas, with redwoods having a particularly important task to serve mankind in that role.

Tonight I intend to spend time inside that grove of counselor trees. I am going to broadcast via the trees that we want to create this New Paradigm Community.

Are you tuned in?

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2 Responses to Clarity Inspired By The Redwoods

  1. marco says:

    Tuned in. Love the vision, count me in……

  2. smilyking1976 says:


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