The Redwoods – A Soul Family

I needed this time here in the magnificent Redwoods to understand more about what is a Soul Family. I have been using the term since my Dream and Vision with Archangel Michael in 2008 and I thought I knew what it meant. I find I only understood a part of the importance of Soul Family.

Spending the night in my van amongst them, I had a warm and vibrant connection with them. I thought that was great and enough. Yesterday morning I asked the question if I was complete here in the Redwoods. The answer was no!


Redwoods, magnificent giants, growing over 2000 years old

Throughout the day the urge to sleep outside, right next to the redwood trees, kept spinning in my head and in my heart. However, I was not yet excited enough to sleep directly on the ground. I wanted to find a cot while I was in town. I drove the 21 miles down to Santa Cruz to do some shopping and to answer my emails and Facebook messages. For those of you who are following my journey through my blogs –THANK YOU! It is your interest, your comments, and your support that keep me going in those moments when I question myself and my sanity.

One of my Facebook messages was from Peter. He apologized for not getting back with me and invited me for dinner. Thank you, Peter, for the invitation! I replied that I was unable to make it. The reason was, that I had to be at the Big Basin Redwood State Park by 5:00 PM to register for another night.

At the Park office, they told me that no other reservations had come in for my site of choice, #140, so I could have it. By law they need to hold a certain number handicap sites until 5:00 PM. I had been unaware that I was on a ‘handicap accessible site’. I just knew it was a big beautiful site with a very special grove of redwoods that I felt called to be close to. It was also near the showers.


Sleeping among the redwoods

It was about 8:00 PM by the time I got my cot set up with my sleeping bag, tucked in between the massive redwoods. It would be almost 10:00 PM before the neighbors camping next to me stopped talking. During those two hours all I could do was to look straight up at these 200 to 300 foot tall magnificent living beings. To say I was in awe would be an understatement!


Looking up at the redwoods in total awe!

I did discover that the cot I bought was not comfortable. For the most part this was overridden by the energy I was feeling coming from the trees. Throughout the night I found myself reaching out and holding my hands against the trees, one on each side of me. I felt my hands pulsating with the energy of the trees and it was a feeling of Giving, of Receiving, and of Sending Love, Messages, Understandings, Insights, and Wisdom. Throughout the night I tossed and turned, and always came back to touching the trees. I felt so much information flowing through me yet I do not recall the details or specifics. When I awoke, to my surprise it was 5:00 AM. The night had passed more quickly than any of the previous 19 nights of my journey.


Throughout the night I was tossing and turning, and always came back to touching the trees.

At 5:00 AM, Pacific Time, as I was holding the two trees I felt the trees were broadcasting and communicating into the World and the Universe. I began sending out My Pure Love and Gratitude for the trees who were doing the broadcasting, all of the other trees assisting in the broadcast, all the trees, the animals, the people, and all living beings on planet earth. If any of you felt anything special around 5 AM on the 20th of August, please, let me know what you experienced. I would appreciate hearing any comments.

During this time I received messages through observing and connecting. The Redwoods are the tallest living organisms on Planet Earth. They do not have a tap-root. They are relying on a network of far-reaching shallow roots, intertwined with those of other nearby Redwoods. They can be found along the coast of central California up into Oregon a distance of about 450 miles. I believe that all of the Coastal Redwoods are integral members of what I call a Soul Family, all working together and supporting each other. Each Redwood Tree is being its True Natural Self as an Individual Redwood Tree. At the same time they are interdependent for their support, nourishment, and love.


Redwoods are around for a long, long time!

I am using the Costal Redwood Tree as a metaphor and blueprint on how Individual Humans can live life as their True Natural Selves, being unique, and at the same time connected with and contributing to the Whole. We, Soul Family, have all chosen to enter into this Theater and Stage called Planet Earth, to Play and Experience all that this reality has to offer. We are all Spiritual Beings playing the role of acting that we are Limited Beings that have forgotten who we truly are. We have created a belief in separation by playing with Duality and Polarity. We have come here to be a Human Being. In reality, we spend most of our time here as a Human Doing.

We came here to explore, to discover, to remember, and ultimately to awaken with the Awareness that this is but a Dream. We are Gods in Training on a bit of a Holiday. During this time in our Human Evolution more and more people are discovering that they are not happy doing what they have been doing, living how and where they have been living, while pretending to be something they are not.

This morning, in working with the giant Redwood Trees and all the Angels and Star Beings, I have sent into the Universe a call for my Soul Family whom I have been with in other times and in other dimensions, to step forward and participate with us in manifesting a New Paradigm Community!


Redwoods, broadcasting antennas

My Soul Family and I are beginning to remember our birthright. We are the creators of our reality. We are moving past the need to condemn, or the desire to tear down what is not working for us in the old reality. We understand that the power players that are using things and mind games to control mankind, must play it out. The old reality must continue a little while longer, until each of us playing in the old reality has their own awakening and chooses a different path, one of Love and Enlightenment.

We are inviting people who feel a Soul Family connection with Angel Valley and with us, and who feel a resonance with the Dream and Vision given by Archangel Michael in 2008, to join us in manifesting
A Heart Centered, Lemurian, 5th Dimensional, New Paradigm Community.

Listen to Your Heart – Contact me when you Feel Guided To do So!

My time here in the Redwoods is now complete. I am off to Florida, to participate in the Festival of Angels, where we will present Angel Valley and make new connections. During the event, we will be presenting the piece of art made by world-class visual artist Iris Onica from Greece. The artwork is called ‘Ethereal Angelic Star Being’. It represents a combination of an Angel and an ET Being.

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2 Responses to The Redwoods – A Soul Family

  1. marco says:

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I felt every word that was written . I will be with you in spirit wherever you go. I am taught . We are one. For I am also a speaking spirit. Blessing to ALL.

    • Dear Marco:
      Thank you for your continued support and encouragement! With people like yourself it is fun and exciting to write about my journey.
      I look forward to hearing how your week has been since meeting you in Mt. Shasta last week.
      Much Love to you and Cindy

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