Childhood Memories and Collapsing Dreams

As I am preparing to leave South Carolina and drive north toward where I grew up, I keep tuning in to the most exciting place to visit first.

Do I go and see my family in Lancaster County, PA?
Or do I stop and see a friend from my Air Force days, who now lives in Baltimore, MD?
Or do I visit Atlantic City, NJ, after 50-some years, a place I remember with fondness?

Atlantic City wins out. Many times, when I visited Pennsylvania, I had thought about revisiting the world renowned beach town. I always had an excuse and never went.


Atlantic City, New Jersey

Growing up in Pennsylvania there are two major events that are etched in my memory bank. The first one is: the Annual Grocers’ Picnic to Atlantic City with my family. The second: going to summer church camp at Waldheim Camp in Allentown, PA. I intend to visit the camp within the next few days.

The trip to Atlantic City by train was sponsored by the local Grocers in and around south eastern Pennsylvania in the 1950s and 1960s. Each summer, on that special day, my entire family would get up around 3:30 AM, so we could be at the train station nice and early. There were three trains departing from the Harrisburg area. The train would arrive at the Lancaster train station at around 5:30 AM, then drop us off in Atlantic City around 8:45 AM. We all preferred the early train because we would have more time at the ocean.


July 19, 1956, Train ride to the Annual Grocers’ Picnic in Atlantic City. On the right you see my Dad. And I am the little boy with the big smile on the right in the front row between the seats. I was 7 years old.

For my family this was the only day of the year we would go to the beach to play in the ocean. My dad was all about work, and this was his treat to the family. I was always bubbling with excitement and eager expectation on what would occur on this adventure. Who would I meet? What fun would I have? Later I realized that it was the one and only day a year where I could get away from my life at home.

Riding the train was such a delight, passing through so many towns and picking up so many people along the way. As we were approaching Atlantic City, seeing all the different buildings, the sand and the water, it was hard to contain my excitement. I was on a grand adventure!

Adventures can take you in unexpected directions with unexpected consequences. When I was 13 or 14, my buddies and I had purchased squirt guns on the boardwalk. On the train ride home, we were having fun squirting each other. I happened to squirt a guy named Turtle. He was 16 or so, and much bigger than me. Turtle was not happy and came after me. After running through several train cars, he caught me in the last car. He said something to me, then punched me in the nose. It was the first and the only time I was ever hit in the face…

This time in 2014, as I drive into Atlantic City, I experience a similar sense of adventure and excitement. What would still be there that I might recognize after so many years? Who would I meet?

I am looking for the bathhouses that were under the boardwalk. This is where we would go to change into our swimming suits and then walk to the beach. They are all gone. I learn in the Museum of Atlantic City that back in the day it was against the law to wear a swimming suit on the boardwalk. That’s why everyone walked to the beach underneath it. I always thought it was just fun to walk under the boardwalk.


Atlantic City Boardwalk – In my memory the boardwalk was loaded with people

The masses of people I remember strolling on the boardwalk are not there. The Diving Horse, the Three Stooges, with a new game of chance or a concert around each corner, they are all gone. Fires and hurricanes caused the destruction of the Steel Pier and reduced it in size to less than a third of what it used to be.


Atlantic City – Steel Pier closed for visitors

Everything seems to have changed. The only thing I find to be the same is the sand and the water. After all these years, it still feels great swimming in the Atlantic Ocean.


What has not changed is the sand and the ocean

Atlantic City had its high ups and deep downs since I was here last. In 1978, the first casino opened, the only legal gambling location on the east coast. For several years the beach town experienced a revival of its heydays. But now that more gambling venues have opened in the surrounding states, Atlantic City is experiencing a severe crisis. In 2014, 3 of the 12 casinos closed their doors, with the 4th closing mid September. 8,000 jobs are lost.

The most impressive structure on the boardwalk is the Revel Casino Hotel. The glass-covered building was built to appear as if it had been sculpted by waves. Its architecture is stunning. It opened just two years ago. Three days before my arrival, Revel closed its doors.


Atlantic City – Revel Casino Hotel – Opened April 12, 2012 – Closed September 2, 2014

Its owners have sought bankruptcy protection for the 2nd time. I hear from the locals that the owners knew early on, that they would never be able to make it. Construction started just before the Great Recession hit, and they had to take on so much debt it never could turn a profit. They wanted to stop construction and cut their losses. However, the City forced them to complete the project and open their doors, injecting $260 million into Revel as part of the plan to revitalize Atlantic City. It cost $2.4 billion to build and complete. This investment was all in hopes of having enough people who would come to their casino to gamble and leave their money behind. The crowds never came.


Revel – A big dream

I am unable to get inside the building. I hear that everything was the best that money could buy. They had top-of-the-line materials and first-class workmanship.


Revel Casino Hotel – A dream collapsed

It does not take me long to realize that I am here for more than a trip down memory lane. I begin asking myself questions like:

What is the essence of what has happened here in Atlantic City?
Is this a trend?
What is happening in the world of money, finance, and values?
Is the power of money changing and shifting?
Were my childhood memories just a permission slip to get me here to Atlantic City?
Was I guided to Atlantic City to explore and learn more about money and its shifting energy?

During these past weeks the topic of money has been in my awareness a lot. Money has been a theme for me during all of this life, and was a major theme in one of my parallel, simultaneous, co-existing lives. In 2008, I wanted to know why, so I asked our friend Cynthia Williams, if she could channel ‘Money’. She said that no one had ever asked her this, but she was up for the experiment. What came out was quite shocking!

I began calling the entity we connected with ‘The Money God.’ Over the past 6 years I have shared the channeling now and then. As I was traveling and writing my blogs, I have been exploring if and when I would share this information in my blog.

So, here we go:
Here is the link to listen to the recording.

Here is the link to read the transcript.
Cynthia Williams – The Money God 080319 transcript

The actual channeling is going to serve as a basis and foundation for the upcoming blogs on the subject of ‘Money’. Until this blog series on money and my parallel life is complete, I ask you to be open and ‘Listen with Your Heart’! It will be the first time I am publicly sharing the unconscious reasons why, in 1993, I chose Hamilton as my new last name. You decide what you choose to believe. Is what I am sharing fact of fiction?

The ‘Money God’ claims to be the most worshiped God of all time! Fact or Fiction? – You Decide!

Please, feel free to email any questions that you desire to explore further about my perspective. Keep in mind that ‘My Perspective’ is no more and no less valid than ‘Your Perspective’!


Back in Atlantic City, 58 years later, in my tie-dye, an experience that makes me ponder

I am now off to meet my family for breakfast on Saturday morning in Ephrata, PA.

Listen to Your Heart and Follow Your Excitement!

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6 Responses to Childhood Memories and Collapsing Dreams

  1. Cheryl says:

    Thank you, Michael for sharing The Money god Channeling. That was extemely powerful. it stops you in your tracks; if even just a little to shift our perspectiove on money! Thanks once again!

  2. marco says:

    Michael, thank you for being you.

  3. 45 Lb plates says:

    Hello! This post could not be written any better! Reading this post reminds me of my good old room mate!
    He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this page to him.
    Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

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