Arriving Home

I am sitting in the forest above Sedona just outside of Flagstaff as I finish the last blog of My Journey.

After leaving David and the Ancient Archangel Trees, with my little sequoia tree in the passenger seat, all I saw of Michigan during my 5-hour drive was rain. It did not stop until I drove into the Chicago area. It turned out to be a beautiful evening, camping right near where my daughter lives.


Camping at Fish Lake Beach


Hey, Amayra, I never knew you might have relatives in Illinois???

I had dinner with my daughter, Jaime and her two children, Mackenzie and Jack on Tuesday evening. It had been almost two years since I last saw them. It was good to see how beautifully the family has grown. I trust it will not be another two years until I see them again.


My daughter Jaime and my granddaughter Mackenzie, as we are having a good time together


My grandson Jack, the little joker

After reconnecting with my daughter, I felt I was complete. It was time to go home. The next few days of driving the 1700+ miles seem like a blur.

Driving did give me time to ponder on a spicy comment I received after my blog on Corporate Divinity and Healing the Crack in the Liberty Bell from Karen, who has been a guest/client returning to Angel Valley a few times a year over the last 8 years. We have come to know her as a woman who has no difficulty voicing her outspoken views of things.

Karen’s comment: “Unless you think the rest of us are idiots, I and everyone else have our own interpretations of what “Healing the Crack” and “Corporate Divinity” means….and it is very different (and better! says my ego) than your interpretation.” “What amazes me is that you haven’t even got your own business on track, and you want to tell us all how business should be run.”

I reflected on her observation. Thank you, Karen, for the ‘Gift That I AM Giving Myself Through You!’ While on My Journey I have come to realize on a deeper level how everyone and everything is PERFECT exactly the way it is. Karen’s perspective is every bit as valid as my own or anyone else’s and I do not need to understand nor change her perspectives and beliefs.


That is an interesting name. What would have inspired people to give the creek this name?


Let’s have a look what grows in or by Money Creek…. Well, not money, as far as I can see it

What I have been writing in my blogs has first and foremost been for my own benefit, my own transformation, and my own integration. I have shared My Journey as best I could, with the awareness I had at the time of sharing.

The book on Corporate Divinity that I announced in my blog of September 12th, is going to be written. It is not going to be about ‘me telling how business should be run’ in the traditional way. It will rather be about redefining what ‘doing business’ means, and what, from my perspective, is behind the current definitions. It will be a rethinking on all levels of the formulas that we currently live by, including business. It will be about exploring concepts from a different angle than what we even know in our nowaday society. These concepts have been part of more evolved human communities that lived and are still living in higher dimensions, like the Lemurians. In that sense the concepts are not new at all, yet not known or lived in our current world view.

I am being guided to create an opportunity for other people’s interactions and perspectives on the subject to be included. In the book I will elaborate on how ‘doing business’ is changing, and what my personal experiences and observations are and have been, while ‘in business’. When is a business really ‘on track’, to use Karen’s words? There is a variety of ways that things can be looked at.


I visit the Miami Missionary Tent people in Oklahoma, from whom we bought our ‘Heart Pavilion’ and another large tent we used to have. Always nice to see a living person behind the phone voice. Thank you, David, for showing me around!

As I am driving home, I am aware that My Journey will continue when I return to Angel Valley in a few hours, although it will take a different form. It is hard to believe that I have been gone 7 weeks and one day, almost 52 days, and have traveled over 7,000 miles. It has been an adventure!

I am not the same person as the one who got on the road on July 31st. Insights will continue being revealed in the days, weeks, and months ahead, and I will share them in future blogs. I have thoroughly enjoyed my writing. Actually, I have felt a void during the past few days when I was just driving, sleeping and eating, and did not take time to do any writing or take any photos.

Arriving at Angel Valley, I drive straight to the kitchen where Amayra is preparing the evening meal. It feels good to receive a warm welcome and truly feel I am coming home! Driving up to the house, I am greeted by a deer that is standing in the middle of the road, looking directly at me without moving. A beautiful omen!


A deer on our driveway welcomes me home

Listen to Your Heart – Hear GOD! Follow Your Highest Excitement!

Michael Hamilton

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