I returned to Angel Valley on Friday September 19th, fully expecting a gentle integration into the day-to-day life at Angel Valley as a New Me. For the previous 7 weeks I had been living a life of Following My Highest Excitement and only doing those things that brought me joy. The first 8 days things indeed flowed smoothly. I was enjoying my being back at Angel Valley and with Amayra. I never expected that in the early morning of my 9th day back ‘My Excitement’ would receive a turbo boost from Archangel Michael.

My New Journey has begun, as pieces of the puzzle are falling into place!!

This past Sunday morning I woke up very early, receiving clues, questions, and messages from Archangel Michael and Adama around the subject of Lemuria and Angel Valley. I was in our tent next to Oak Creek being as quiet as possible so as to not wake up Amayra. I began communicating with Archangel Michael, which is in itself is not unusual. However, this time it was both Archangel Michael and Adama communicating with me.


Adama, High Priest of Telos, the Subterranean Lemurian Community

One of the clues took me on a path of revisiting how we came up with the name ‘Angel Valley.’ In 2002, we were planning to rename the Deer Pass Ranch property, which we had just agreed to purchase, to Michael’s Vision. This was the name of our Retreat Center located at the base of Cathedral Rock. Archangel Michael came to me in a dream and told me to call our new property Angel Valley. He said that all the Angels were present and that it was not just him.

By that time, in 2002, I knew I had a real connection with Michael, but I was not too sure about my connection with all the Angels. Was I ready to announce to the world that all Angels were an intricate part of my life? It took me some time to wrap my head and heart around that concept, but then we decided to go for it and accept the opportunity to embrace the presence of all the Angels in my life.

Another clue had me reviewing an experience I had in the early 90’s. In 1992, when I was living in the San Fernando Valley, Southern California, I met two very nice and friendly beings, a man and a woman who claimed to be Lemurian, from Telos. They said they were hundreds of years old. I listened as they described their life and their city. While I thought it was fascinating, I must admit that I dismissed them as being a bit delusional.

Mount Shasta, home of Telos

Mount Shasta, home of Telos

Even though I was not able to fully embrace what I had heard, I was curious enough to make a trip to Mount Shasta at Christmas of the following year. This took place about 6 months after I changed my name to Michael Hamilton. I believe that Paul, the person who heard the two speak, and Michael, the person who traveled to Mount Shasta were two entirely different beings with a different vibration. The Michael version was ready to open up to the Lemurian people, even though it would take 20 years for me to start doing anything with it.

The clues also took me back to the Experiential Vision I received from Archangel Michael in 2008, when I was shown Angel Valley as a village where everyone was being their True Natural Selves doing what they loved doing. There was no name given to me at the time, so I described what I envisioned as a New Paradigm Angel Valley, a name I held onto during the past 6 years. Michael and Adama now said that I was ready to discover more about what was so magical and mystical about Angel Valley and why I was called here.

Art rendering of Lemuria. (Thank you, beautiful artist!)

Art rendering of Lemuria. (Thank you, beautiful artist!)

I headed to my office to check on my computer whether the name New Lemuria was available for a domain name. It was not! I felt a little disappointed and began to question: Did I miss some clue, or was I totally missing the message?

However, when I was in the shower the letters NU came to me. When Amayra came up, I asked her input. She suggested NU as a different spelling for NEW. She added that in Dutch the word NU means NOW. It dawned on me that, what I had been connecting with on my trip to Mount Shasta, and all the people coming on my path talking about Lemuria was a NOW Lemuria, a present day version.

That was it! I believed the name NuLEMURIA was the name that Archangel Michael and Adama wanted me to discover on my own through their clues. Michael had said that they were not going to give the name to me as he did with Angel Valley. He had said that in 2002 I was too dense to get the name Angel Valley on my own, so he gave it to me on a silver platter. But not this time!

I had a hard time to contain my excitement about NuLEMURIA and wanted to share it with Amayra. However, with Angel Valley being full with guests, and all that comes with it, I did not have time to share with Amayra before our Sunday Morning Gathering.

In our gathering there were 4 women present who were here on a retreat, Cara Marie who works with us, and Karen, the person whom I mentioned in an earlier blog. She surprised us with her lovely presence. Colleen from Phoenix came and then 4 women from Canada walked in. It was an exciting morning, with a lot of sharing around… guess what? The subject of Lemuria! When I mentioned what I had just experienced in the morning with NuLEMURIA, Colleen began to cry. She said that the Lemurian civilization was applauding the choice to introduce NuLEMURIA to the world, and that Adama, the High Priest of Telos, was very present in our room. I felt his loving and powerful presence with us throughout our gathering. It is still present!

I realize that Archangel Michael and Adama, and many others have been working together to assist in our awakening, our transformation, and in recognizing the truth about NuLEMURIA and Angel Valley!


Clouds at Angel Valley, telling a story…

Every day since Sunday, more and more people have been showing up for day visits wanting to connect with the land. Almost every day visit guest whom I have talked with has a connection with Mount Shasta and with Lemuria.

Maybe it is because I am discussing it more with people that they open up and share their experience with Mount Shasta, Telos and the Lemurian people. Whatever the reason it has kept me busy with exploring and understanding the connection between Angel Valley, Mt. Shasta, and Lemuria.

I had been talking about Angel Valley as birthing NuLEMURIA. Then last night, again in the shower, another clue was given to me: Angel Valley is and has been The NuLEMURIA all along and is only now ready to reveal itself. Or maybe it is rather that I am finally ready… It is similar to our building the landing pad in 2007 and calling it the Chartres Labyrinth. Only in 2012 were we ready to reveal to the world that our Chartres Labyrinth is in reality a landing pad.

It has become clear to me that Angel Valley is NuLEMURIA! With that realization my life will never be the same as I begin sharing NuLEMURIA with the world. I know it is already unfolding as My Journey into the exciting and unpredictable unknown.

Read about my perspectives on ‘What is Lemuria?’
141002 what is lemuria

We invite you to experience its essence of Transformation, Peace and Love emanating from the Land at Angel Valley!

WE GIVE THANKS AND GRATITUDE TO ALL BEINGS, SEEN AND UNSEEN, who have ever lived, visited, stayed, worked, come in contact with or thought about this land known as Angel Valley, for contributing your life force energy to revealing that Angel Valley Is NuLEMURIA – THANK YOU!

Listen to Your Heart and Hear GOD!

Michael Hamilton

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