An Experiential Vision

During the early morning hours of October 17, 2014, I had an experience, unlike anything I have ever had before in my life. Before I went to sleep I had been reading messages from Mikos of the Inner Earth in the book ‘Telos’, written by Diane Robbins. Before describing my dream, I’ll first share what I read, with a few minor edits.


Know that the Earth is a living entity and her environment is alive. The elements of our Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire are called ‘Elementals’ and they are alive with Consciousness. The Earth is imbued with Divine characteristics of Harmony, Balance, Sensitivity, and Love. The problem on the surface is that many people have not developed these qualities themselves, and therefore, cannot see it in others and not with the living Earth.

Once humanity’s consciousness reaches a higher state, they will be aware of all living things, such as the Earth, Mountains, Rivers, and Trees, and will be able to see these as ‘Living Beings’ clothed in different forms. Once people become more aware and more attuned to the Earth herself, they will identify with her and will know that the Earth and Humanity are One. Once this Oneness is acknowledged, people will revere the Earth as sacred, and the environmental destruction will end.

It is not really how to overcome environmental destruction, but rather how to raise Humanity’s Consciousness so that people can see that to destroy the environment is the same as destroying themselves. It is the awareness that will end the destruction, not anything technological.

We don’t have to do anything to the Earth to overcome Environmental Destruction, we have to change ourselves, and then the Earth’s climate and environment will follow. Remember, the Earth is just mirroring our thoughts, words, and actions.

Here in the Hollow Earth we are very aware of the connectedness of all life, and therefore honor all live forms in existence.

Energy is pouring onto the Earth plane in astronomical amounts now, and people are waking up by the millions. They are waking up to the divinity of all life and are beginning to see and sense beyond their physical five senses of taste, touch, smell, hearing, and seeing.

They are becoming aware of forces that exist in higher states of consciousness, and this alone will save the Earth.  


Living Earth – Art by Peter Kuller

Throughout my life I have had recurring dreams of going to a place that was similar to a tunnel, which I more or less perceived as being inaccessible. Up until last night I was never allowed, or maybe brave enough to go into the tunnel.

This time, I did enter the tunnel. I had this feeling that I may not ever come out. At the same time, I was not scared about not returning. I realized that I was being My Higher Self and I was in the Inner Earth. It was not that I was told where I was, but I just knew. It seemed like I was there for only a few moments. What I remember was feeling a deep sadness. I was crying and crying, and I kept saying that I was sorry. In a flash of total clarity, I saw that I participated as an Atlantean in the destruction of Lemuria. The next moment, I was back outside, not fully comprehending what had just happened.

There was a male presence waiting for me. He said that normally it was about a year before people would go back in. I said that I wanted to go right back. The moment I had that thought, I was inside again.

I had the same intense feeling of sadness, and again I was sobbing. This time, however, the sadness started to dissolve, and was replaced by a feeling of calm. I had a knowing that everything I had ever done, in any incarnation, was in Divine perfection.

I looked around the Inner Earth and everything was so beautiful. At that moment I just knew I could create anything I wanted out of thin air with only my imagination and my thoughts. Instantly I was sitting on a one-wheel vehicle that I created and knowing it could take me anywhere I wanted to go. It was my thoughts that gave it power to move and go forward. I thought to myself: would it also move backward? Sure enough, it went backward.

I experienced a profound sense of understanding how powerful I am, and how easy it is to create with my thoughts and my imagination. Once I became aware of that understanding, I was instantly back outside. Then I woke up.

Agartha, city in the Inner Earth (name of artist is unknown to me, but thanks!)

Agartha, city in the Inner Earth (name of artist is unknown to me, but thanks!)

Throughout the following day, I was exploring the importance of my lucid dream, which I refer to as an Experiential Vision. The following insights came to me, and I began writing this blog.

  • I went into the Inner Earth in order to experience my darkest dark: my participating in the destruction of Lemuria. Once I felt the pain of my actions I was also given the insight that it was all needed, that it was perfect, and I no longer needed to feel remorse, sadness, and guilt. I saw and experienced the bigger picture.
  • The insights I received were needed for me to fulfill my mission and purpose in this current life.
  • I have been invited to bring the message about Lemuria, Telos, and the Inner Earth Civilizations into the world! I have accepted the invitation and will do my best to share this message.
  • After working with Archangel Michael and Adama, I believe that approximately 90% of the people living today have a connection with Lemuria, Telos, and or the Inner Earth Civilizations. Most people have forgotten their connections. Of this 90%, around 60%, which boils down to half of the earth population, is willing to awaken and re-MEMBER their connections with these civilizations.
  • NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley holds the energy, doorways, gateways and portals for people who are ready, and are guided to connect, to have their Higher Selves access the consciousness of Lemuria, Telos, and the Inner Earth Civilizations!

Phoenix Rising above Angel Valley

The above photo was taken by Jane Chen on October 18th, the day after I had my Experiential Vision. This is what she wrote when she sent a number of her pictures:

I took this picture near your office roof. It just looked like a phoenix. In Chinese it means the creator. It can destroy everything and create everything again like the story said: The phoenix burned in the fire, then rebirth. The second picture is a very clear big cross in the sky! It was amazing! When we were leaving and driving toward the rainbow bridge, we saw a lot of angels flying all over the sky. It looked like saying good-bye to us! This trip was very blessing and joyful for us. We are very appreciative that we visited a beautiful and peaceful place, Angel Valley Retreat Center, and had a chance to share the information from you. We won’t forget this place and will come back again. Thank you so much and hope to visit you soon! I have more pictures to send you.

Listen To Your Heart and Follow Your Highest Excitement,

Michael Hamilton

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  1. marco says:

    That was beautiful….

  2. Yara says:

    I’m totally interested in this post like so much I’m also interested in the Hollow earth theory which is I believe in!

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