Clarity Through Discernment

Diving deeper into my role as a captain, I found an article that really speaks to me. It is about the days of Lemuria, and the way things worked without rules. In the article it is suggested to view myself as a boat on the ocean. I can do anything I want, go anywhere I want to go, as long as I am aware of and responsible for everything my wake does behind me. If I get going too fast, turn and create a wake that ends up affecting other boats, I automatically take responsibility for whatever damage my path causes.

One of the statements in the article is:
‘Your responsibility is to share the light, not how the light is perceived by others.’

What an inspiration! This is the way to create a community where everyone is in harmony with one another, while being their true self and following their excitement. This is the community of the vision as I described it in my blog of October 2, 2014,

The article is a channeling by Steve Rother, who channels ‘The Group’. It was published in 2009 and is copyrighted by

Click here for the full article.
article shine your light – like a boat – steve rother 2009


Shine Your Light, and be like the sun transforming the leftover of last week’s snow…

My recent journey of reflection brought me face to face with one major challenge for myself and for most of us: knowing when I am in JUDGMENT or when I am using DISCERNMENT. I found two profound articles that spoke to me, both with a similar title.

The first article by Marina Michaels, is from 1995, published on It talks about how learning our lessons in life is no excuse for unethical behavior, or that we can get away with violating another person’s space or overriding their will. It also says that it is okay to draw lines and make boundaries. The basic way to distinguish between judgment and discernment is how it feels. If you can allow someone to be or do whatever they are doing, but you don’t want it to happen around you, that is discernment. If you have strong feelings that are associated with ‘right & wrong’, that is judgment.

Click here for the full article.
article judgment and discernment – marina michaels 1995


Rainbow Bridge and the last patches of snow

The other article is by Rev. Connie L. Habash, and was published in 2005. It emphasizes that judgment originates form the ego’s deception of being better or worse than someone or something else. Discernment is a more conscious approach. It is the ability to distinguish what is appropriate or inappropriate. With discernment we can make good choices.

Click here for the second article on Judgment vs. Discernment.
article judgment vs discernment – constance habash 2005


Our cat Sparkle chooses with discernment what is the best place for her to place her feet

I further reflected on it, and that took me deeper than I expected.

Since we met, Amayra and I have had ongoing discussions around this topic of being judgmental or being discerning. In our first years together, I did not fare too well in only being discerning, and not being judgmental. I found that being judgmental towards others has its roots in being judgmental to myself.

In my blog of October 25, 2014, I shared my experience of being in the ‘Inner Earth’.,
I was dealing with my own judgment of myself, and of my actions that brought about the destruction of Lemuria. I had to go back inside another time and embrace the perfection of me and of what I had done,  in order to increase the Love for Myself. Only then was I ready to believe in my perfection, in spite of and because of everything I had ever done, thought, said, or been.

I discovered that when I stop judging myself, I also stop judging others. My choice to stop this judging of myself then took me to being more able than ever before to accept others as they are, rather than as I wish them to be. Seeing all others as a perfect expression of who they are choosing to be, and a perfect expression of the Divine, has brought me inner peace. My dream made me take what I have heard numerous times to a deeper level.


Crossing the Rainbow Bridge takes you into a different world, where it is easier to make the changes in your life that you want to make

This ties into what at some point Bashar shared with me, about my wanting Amayra to get something I wanted her to get. I do not even remember the specifics. However, I do remember what Bashar told me:


I now have a more complete understanding what he meant and how it relates to acceptance, appreciation, and accountability with discernment. I did not want to make waves in my relationship with Amayra, AND I did not want to change my belief and my perspective. So I wanted Amayra to get it, to change and to embrace my way.

By not accepting Amayra’s point of view being equally as valid as my own, and appreciating the gift I was giving myself through Amayra’s perspective, I was judging her as being wrong. I though I could fix her and wanted to change her!

I was not discerning and I was for sure not being accountable for honoring her truth as being true for her, even when it might have been 180 degrees opposite to my truth. Throughout my life I have experienced pain as a result of my wanting others to change, which, of course, wouldn’t happen. No more of this pain!

When people come to NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley and would like to be a part, to live and work here, I choose to be discerning to the best of my ability, not in judgment. How am I to know whether their living and working here will serve the highest good of ALL? Only discernment can assist me there.


Sparkle takes her measures. No judgment, just accepting that snow is cold.

Coming back to ‘Why Is It So Easy’ as mentioned in my last two previous blogs, this has become more and more important to me.

My focus of choosing to look at things being easy and effortless has indeed made it easier for me to experience things coming to me as easy than ever before. It is now only a vague memory of my saying: ‘Why is it so hard.’

I have created a number of affirmations for myself where I am using the phrase ‘Why Is It So Easy’ as a mantra. I would like to share them with you.


Oak Creek, always flowing, never ending, no matter what the circumstances are. Easy!!

‘WHY IS IT SO EASY’ to Love Myself more than Anyone or Anything Else?

‘WHY IS IT SO EASY’ to receive Guidance, Direction and Inspiration from GOD, ‘All That Is’ through My Higher Self’s Inner Knowing?

‘WHY IS IT SO EASY’ to Attract Soul Family and Kindred Spirits who Feel a Resonance with the Assigned Mission and Vision of NuLEMURIA?

‘WHY IS IT SO EASY’ to Co-Create and Co- Steward ‘NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley’ in a State of Equality?

WHY IS IT SO EASY’ to begin Attracting and Manifesting in this reality a 4000 foot by 800 foot ‘Angelic Star Ship NuLEMURIA?’

‘WHY IS IT SO EASY’ to begin Attracting and Manifesting in this reality The Financial Abundance and Support to Fulfill the Assigned Mission and Vision?

I am recommitting to my journey being one of acceptance, appreciation, and accountability with discernment.

I am the only one accountable for my happiness and my inner peace.
Without my need to judge anything or anyone, I am free to be My True Natural Self and to align with relationships that serve my highest good.


Even though the buds are still small, springtime is coming. Just a matter of time.

The best I can do is to always ask for Divine guidance in my choices with discernment.

I Invite You to Love Yourself More Than Anything or Anyone Else,
To Listen to Your Heart and To Follow Your Heart’s Highest Excitement!


PS In the last few days the snow has completely disappeared. The final cleanup was done by the rain. We have had temperatures in the 50s and blue skies again. Sedona Winter…..


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