Hearing God

Hearing God

I awoke this morning with a statement in my head: ‘Listen to Your Heart and Hear GOD!’ This has kept me busy ever since, and has become the underlying theme for my entire day

Today is Saturday morning. At 7:00 AM my family will be meeting for breakfast, and I am part of it once again. Now that I know their game of being early, I am sitting outside the Pancake Farm at 6:30 AM. I am indeed the first one there. I should have called my brother Ray and ask him where he was, like he did to me the week before.


Breakfast with the family – two weeks in a row! What a treat!

It is an enjoyable breakfast with fun and laughter all around. At my brother Bill’s request, cousin Donald and his wife also show up. Donald brings some family photos from the 50’s, 40’s, 30’s and even earlier. We are all trying to figure out who is who in the pictures. It is quite interesting to see my father in his youth in pictures I did not know existed.


Cousin Donald brings pictures of the past. I don’t remember having seen my Dad as a young man, before he had a family. Thanks, Donald, for bringing them!

After breakfast we all say our good byes. I will not be present for the next Saturday breakfast. There is one more thing I want to do: spend some private time with my eldest brother Ray at his home. Otherwise, I feel complete here.

The previous afternoon Ray and I went to see a project that he and I started 40 years ago with the purchase of 180 wooded acres of land with a stream. There was an old stone home from the mid 1700’s, in which I actually lived for a while. That was when Alexander Hamilton was alive. Synchronicity at play!


One of the first properties I bought with a home from 1742, when Alexander Hamilton was alive. I lived in the house for about a year in the 1970s.

It was a nice trip down memory lane! We even met Tom, a man who purchased one of our one-acre parcels and then purchased a chalet-style log home that I custom-designed for him.

In 1978, I was in the log home business. I wanted to go to Switzerland for ideas and designs for log homes I wanted to build. I ask Ray to go along, which he did. Traveling with Ray was an interesting experience for both of us. Driving on the winding roads in Switzerland caused each of us to get carsick when the other one was driving. After a few days of that, we each went our separate ways with me keeping the car and him taking the train. We met up a week or so later at the Paris airport. We had tickets to fly the Concord Plane back to New York. We had lunch in Paris before we got on the plane and breakfast in New York after a 3.5-hour flight. The plane flew a mind-boggling 1400 miles per hour.


Log Home Chalet that I designed after the inspiration I got during my Switzerland trip.

Today, as Ray and I are driving around the development, this time without carsickness, I am reflecting on my selling the land. I say to Ray, “If I had to do it over again, I would not divide and sell the individual parcels of land the way I did.” At the time, Ray gave me the freedom to sell the parcels as I saw fit, even though he would not have done it the way I did it. I thank him for supporting me in finding my way.

What I discover is, that when I made my choices of what I sold, how I sold, to whom I sold, and the sale price, I was listening to the Money God. It is the first time I admit to myself that the Money God owned me during that period, even though I thought I was doing good business. And I did make money.


Another property I bought together with my brother Ray, then developed, lived at and sold. The pond was part of the developing project.

Upon deeper reflection, the land was purchased based upon Listening to My Heart, and sold based upon Listening to the Money God. Receiving that insight is extremely powerful and liberating!

With this morning’s message: ‘Listen to Your Heart – Hear GOD,’ things begin to fall into place.

In our book ‘Transformation at Angel Valley’, I wrote about an occurrence in 1994, after my divorce and moving back to Pennsylvania, when Ray asked me to drive school bus for him. After internal battling I told him “No, thank you!” His comment was, “I thought you could use the money.” I said that I could, but “No, thanks.” What I had not shared was, that I had just begun Following My Excitement and only doing what brought me joy. Driving school bus was not exciting! I told him that I would rather live in a tent, hitch hike around or live on the street than to do anything that does not excite me and bring me joy. My statement did have a ‘fake-it-till-you-make-it’ energy, but my Heart had spoken and I listened!


My brother Ray and his school bus company. This picture was taken in 2007.

Telling my older, successful and wealthy brother “No” was of major importance. At the time I did not feel equal to him, because I was measuring success on money and possessions.

‘Money and Business’ has always been a major topic within my family. If you had it you were successful, and if you didn’t you were a failure, lazy, or just poor. Listening to your Heart was never discussed. The main criteria of doing this or that was: can you make money or not.

I chose to be born into my family, with my mother and father, brothers and sisters being exactly the way they were and are. I thank them all for playing their part in my life. They did it flawlessly. What I share about ‘Money and Business’ is in no way a judgment or a put down toward my family. Quite the contrary, because of my immense gratitude for all my experiences exactly the way they have been.

Today, I share with Ray that I feel as an equal with no feeling of having a greater or lesser value. I AM FREE!

I am also sharing my belief in the importance of being in the Now. He responds, “You always seem to be in the Unknown”! That is exactly where I am! When I am in the Now, I am connected with GOD. From that connection the Divine Plan for my life unfolds in the Unknown. It is always for My Highest and Best Good, even when it is different from what I expect or hope. The past and the future are beautiful creations of the Mind. They have their place and importance. However, my Heart is where I choose to hang out as much as possible.

Then his son Craig walked in, and I never got to share any further thoughts on the Now Moment and the Unknown containing the Magic of Spontaneity and Synchronicity! Yet, I am grateful for the opportunity to share some of the principles I live by. Thank you, Ray, for listening, whatever you do with it, and for your questions and comments! AND thank you for our brother-time spent together! That gratitude applies to my cousin Gerald, and all my family and the friends I met ‘back home’ in these past days.


Pennsylvania Bridge – I feel deep gratitude for all that have contributed to my path!

What I know for sure is that seeds of a New Reality are planted, wherever I go or with whomever I meet. It is not my job to water the seeds or to tend to them. That is God’s job!

Listen to Your Heart and Hear God – Follow Your Highest Excitement!


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Healing The Crack

I am sitting here overlooking the lake at the Middle Creek Wildlife Preserve, a few miles north from where I was born in Pennsylvania, reflecting on the common threads connecting all that I have been doing during these past 6 weeks. I began My Journey with the intent to find clarity for myself and to build support for Angel Valley’s transformational shift.


Time for refection and writing my blog in Middle Creek Wildlife Area

One of my visits in the last few days was to the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, PA. Tradition tells of a chime that changed the world on July 8, 1776, with the Liberty Bell ringing out from the tower of Independence Hall summoning the citizens of Philadelphia to hear the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence by Colonel John Nixon.

However, there were problems with the bell from the beginning. It did not have the right sound, was recast two times, kept showing cracks and was eventually unringable.


Liberty Bell – Inscription

In 2005, during sessions while doing some deep inner work, two concepts were given to me: CORPORATE DIVINITY and HEALING THE CRACK IN THE LIBERTY BELL.

For years I had been convinced that the way of doing business needed to be be changed. Also, I wondered how I could contribute to that change. The term ‘Corporate Divinity’ described this transformation. From the first time I heard it, I knew that is was about Being in the Heart, and making all of our business decisions and choices from Our Heart, based on Divine principles. We might have a long way to go, but I felt that eventually it was the only way that business could be done. The old way, which is still current, was going to fall apart. We have already seen this happen.

When I heard that I was to play a role in ‘Healing the Crack in the Liberty Bell’ I did not quite know what to do with it. I decided to explore the statement.


The original Liberty Bell on display, rather than where it was intended to be: Hanging in the tower of Independence Hall

In a private channeling session with Bashar I asked for his perspective.

Bashar:  The Crack in the Liberty Bell really represents the future. The bell resonated as a symbol with the totality of the country that it symbolized, not just the present moment when it was created. What the Liberty Bell showed is that there was a discordant frequency somewhere within the totality of the concept of the country that it symbolized. It was honest enough to show that there are cracks in the concept. Those cracks must be healed.
A new bell can be formed based on the preferred vibration, which, when rung, can actually impart that vibration. If people will then match their frequency to that vibration, healing can occur.

Michael:  Are you referring to a new physical bell?

Bashar:   I am! A new Freedom Bell! Freedom for all, liberty for all, equality for all. That will heal the cracks in the concept. In fact, if the Freedom Bell, the New Liberty Bell, is actually rung in the presence of the old one, it may cause it to crack completely, so that the past will be past and the future will be present.  


Liberty Bell – The Crack

I had my own channeled communication with the Liberty Bell.


The words stamped on me say:

“Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the Land unto all the Inhabitants thereof.”

I arrived in America with Hopes, Dreams, and a Destiny to fulfill!

I knew the True Intent in the Hearts of the people who traveled to this Great Country. The first people came to America to express their Religious Practices and to Worship GOD as they saw fit.

However, what was required to secure the basic material needs for survival became a primary focus. The time for Listening to the Heart and Communicating with GOD would become less and less. It would take centuries before the New World, in general, would be ready to once again begin to Listen to their Hearts and Communicate with GOD.

So upon arrival, I had no sound to give that could be heard! Things would need to play out. All I could do was to Reflect My Cracked & Broken Heart to those who could see, and to show mankind that words and actions that do not resonate with one another are empty and mean nothing.

Because I spoke a truth that mankind was not yet ready to hear, I was broken into small pieces, melted down and cast into a new bell.

Mankind attempted to keep the Concept of Freedom alive by creating additional bells and ringing them in My Name. However, the Original Intent from which I was created must be created within, before it can be realized without!

I was and I am a Symbol that represents the Totality of America in the World – not just when I was created in 1752, but also into the Future!

Now is the time to ‘Heal the Crack’ and create a new ‘FREEDOM BELL’!

Upon this revelation, I sat down to connect with the energy of the Freedom Bell.


I AM the New ‘FREEDOM BELL’. I bring with me a New Paradigm with Freedom for ALL, Equality for ALL, and Love for ALL!

My Sound is a Vibrational Resonant Frequency that matches the Frequency of Freedom, Equality, and Love!

I “Proclaim THIS SOUND throughout the World unto ALL the Inhabitants thereof.” When I AM Rung, the Past will be Past and the Future will be Present!


Freedom Bell – The Crack Healed

At the time I thought of the concepts of ‘Corporate Divinity’ and ‘Healing the Crack in the Liberty Bell’ as two separate ideas. Only this morning, on September 12, 2014, do I realize that the two are inextricably linked together.

‘Healing the Crack in the Liberty Bell’ means that individually we Listen to Our Heart, we do what excites us the most, what brings us joy and supports something bigger than ourselves, while serving the many rather than the few!

‘Corporate Divinity’ means that we bring the messages of the Liberty Bell and the New Freedom Bell into all of our business dealings, to the businesses we deal with, to the owners of businesses who come to Angel Valley, and to the businesses and corporations of America.

Money becomes a byproduct of doing what we love doing, with the quest for money no longer being the number one reason to do what we do.

The book that was put in motion in 2005, is finally ready to be written…


The cover of the book was designed in 2008

Listen to Your Heart!

Michael Hamilton

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Alexander Hamilton – My Death

What follows is the second part about Alexander Hamilton.


Bust of Alexander Hamilton at the dueling grounds in Weehawken, NJ

I, Michael Hamilton, go to Weehawken, NJ, where the duel between Alexander and Aaron Burr took place. Standing on the banks high above the Hudson River, I visualize as he was taken by boat from New York, where dueling was illegal, to New Jersey where dueling was also illegal but not as easily prosecuted.


Alexander Hamilton coming to the duel with Aaron Burr by boat from New York to Weehawken

I experience his pain, his sorrow, his remorse, and his resoluteness to follow through with his plan to end his life. I feel a sadness and a compassion for him, for what he was about to do after all he had done for America and for so many. In today’s terms, what he did would be called suicide at the hands of another. Feeling helpless and devoid of hope, some people choose the path of death, rather than continuing on the path.


Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr’s duel

I was on My Journey when I heard of Robin Williams’s death. I felt sadness and compassion for him as well. From the outside it looked as if he had the world by the tail on a downhill slide. But based on what has been written about his life, it was not that easy for him. I heard he hated being alone with himself and his own thoughts.

Alexander Hamilton had a similar difficulty to be alone. He spent his entire adult life doing for others, while being around wealthy and powerful people. He never took time for himself. His focus was on serving his country and making America strong. It has been written that, had Alexander Hamilton wanted to accumulate wealth, he could have died a rich man, instead of dying with debts that his family had to deal with.


Me and Alexander

I go to the Trinity Church Cemetery in New York City to spend time at his grave. As it turns out, they buried him right across the street from The Bank of New York, which he founded, and is now called The Bank of New York Mellon.


Alexander Hamilton’s tombstone at the Trinity Church Cemetery

Also, he is buried one block from where the money wheeling and dealing occurs on Wall Street. Even in death he is in the neighborhood watching over the actions of the money people.


Alexander Hamilton’s tombstone, overlooking Wall Street

Today, Thursday September 11, 2014, I believe that I am complete in gathering information, insights, and with making connections in the area where Alexander Hamilton spent most of his adult life.

I am now filled with questions and the desire to make sense of my time here with and as Alexander Hamilton. What did I accomplish? Why was I called here? Did I really connect with Alexander Hamilton or was it just my imagination? In case of the latter, wasn’t I taught that imagination is the closest link to the Creator God? What am I going to do with all that I experienced? How does all I experienced fit into my 2014 life as Michael Hamilton the individual and as the steward of Angel Valley?

The answers to my questions will be revealed over the next few hours, days, weeks and months, maybe even years. They will be expressed and lived in the choices I make and in the actions I take. I have gained a deep love and respect for the man known as Alexander Hamilton! That cannot be diminished, whether I really am or was him in another life or not. I am taking of what he learned and of what he experienced, using the aspects of what serves me in my current life and make them my own. I trust, that who I am will assist him in completing what his heart wants him to complete.

Time will tell what exactly will be unfolding in my life and in the life of Angel Valley. What I do know is that I am blessed by making the connection with myself and with Alexander Hamilton.


The Liberty Bell, Philadelphia, PA

The messages: ‘Heal the Crack in the Liberty Bell’ and ‘Bring Corporate Divinity to the World’ that I received in 2005, hold the key to completing what Alexander Hamilton started and did not complete. I believe that the messages give direction in my life and that of Angel Valley. More about this topic in my next blog.

Until our next connection: Listen to Your Heart and Follow Your Highest Excitement!

Michael Hamilton

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Alexander Hamilton – My Life

I ended my last blog with: ‘I got back on the road heading for New York… where I lived, worked, and died 210 years ago.’ I was referring to my life as Alexander Hamilton.


Alexander Hamilton


Alexander Hamilton

I fully understand that not everyone is ready to believe that life exists beyond this dimension and to embrace the concept that we have or are living parallel, simultaneous, co-existing lives. I see the perfection in those who think I have flipped my lid or that I am crazy. Whatever you, the reader, chooses to believe about what I share, I am honoring it to be your truth even when my truth is 180 degrees opposite of yours. Keep whatever belief you feel serves you best.

Sharing My Journey In these blogs is my way of coming out of the closet with what I know to be true for me. Sharing and communicating about past or parallel lives, communicating with beings from other dimensions and planets, talking about constructing a landing pad for space ships at Angel Valley, and all the other things I have been sharing is what I was referring to in one of my earlier blogs when I said: I AM FREE. I can now add: I AM FREE TO BE ME. That me will be a different me tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that. The only thing constant in this world is change, and I am changing constantly.

My Journey is empowering me to be me, and to know that I am connecting with those who feel a resonance with me and with what I share. I am committed to being part of a Soul Family Team who are ready to assist in manifesting a New Lemurian, Heart Centered, 5th Dimensional Community Consciousness at Angel Valley.

The following sharing will cover the span of 5 days, of where I went and of what I experienced in Valley Forge, Philadelphia, and New York. It is presented in the chronological sequence as Alexander Hamilton experienced it. In no way am I attempting to rewrite history or to cover all that he accomplished in his life. I am only addressing the topics as they relate to My Journey.


Valley Forge, PA – General George Washington’s Headquarters

Growing up only 60 miles from Valley Forge National Historical Park, PA, and having visited the site many times, I always felt a kinship and a love for the area. I did not know why. Valley Forge is the site of the 1777-78 winter encampment of the Continental Army. The park commemorates the sacrifices and perseverance of the Revolutionary War generation and honors the ability of citizens to pull together and overcome adversity during extraordinary times.


Valley Forge, PA – 1777-1778 Winter encampment of the Continental Army

Being here this time, with my intention to see and feel through the eyes and heart of Alexander Hamilton, I have an entirely different connection and appreciation for the area and for what happened here.


Valley Forge, PA – House where George Washington stayed with Aide-de-Camp Alexander Hamilton

I, Alexander Hamilton, was young, ambitious, impatient, and opportunistic. I had a strong sense of right and wrong, good and bad. I knew what was best for others. Aligning myself with George Washington served me well. He became the father I never knew and I became the son he never had. There was a love and a respect that we shared through our entire lives.

While I, Michael Hamilton, walk around the grounds, I feel a deep compassion coming from Alexander Hamilton for his fellow soldiers who were camped there with him. Because he was the General’s Aide-de-Camp he had it much easier than the other men. So he always did for them whatever he could, whenever he could. It was a rough and cold winter for all of them.

Even though I, Alexander Hamilton, was impatient and wanted to be on the front line fighting, I was smart enough to maintain my focus on the details of what the General needed me to do. I never lost the impatience and the desire to fight for what I believed was right.

While in New York I, Michael Hamilton, see and feel what Alexander Hamilton did to raise the money for America to pay off their debt and the debt of the states. During the years after the war, he became the first Secretary of the Treasury. He founded America’s first bank, The Bank of New York. He had his fingers in the money pies of American finance, and he was a virtuoso at making deals.


Philadelphia, PA, where the Constitution was designed and signed

I go to Philadelphia, I see and feel Alexander Hamilton‘s energy in Constitution Hall where he assisted in the designing and signing of America’s Constitution. I am standing by his desk, and see the seat he sat on. In addition to being a financial genius, he was an adept politician, who knew how to get things done.


Alexander Hamilton’s seat in the Constitution Hall

In the earlier phase of his life, he had the ear and the support of George Washington. He became a influential man, one not to be toyed with. He knew what he wanted and he went for it. Too bad for anyone who stood in his way.

During his later years things did not go well for him. He had lost the prestige he once had. Most people in power were not listening to him anymore. Before his very eyes he saw the unfolding of things going in totally different directions from what he had envisioned.

In 2011 I channeled Alexander Hamilton and here are his words:
I Am the Consciousness of Alexander Hamilton

To be continued in my next blog.

Until then: Listen to Your Heart and Follow Your Highest Excitement!

Michael Hamilton

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My Name Change

I just had breakfast with my siblings and some other family members at their favorite Pancake House in Ephrata, PA. As I was in the area, I was invited for their weekly gathering on Saturday morning at 7:00 AM. What I was not told is that everyone actually shows up between 6:40 and 6:45. When I walked in at 7:01, I received a good-humored ‘You are late!’ I now know for next time.


Pancake breakfast with my brothers Ray and Bill and my sister Ramona

It was great to see everyone. Having just experienced the Creating of My Story from the NOW with my brother and his family in Florida, I created this breakfast gathering to be equally fun and fulfilling.

During our get-together, my nephew, Doug asked me, ‘You changed your name, and you are now here with your brothers who have the name Groff. How does that work?’

I shared that I believe we all have simultaneous, parallel, co-existing lives and one of mine is as a Groff, one is as a Hamilton, so I am both, Groff and Hamilton. I also shared that in the Bible it talks about Saul who went blind and was told by God to change his name to Paul. Paul was the name that my parents gave me at birth. There are different references throughout the Bible of people who changed their name. Also, in many cultures a name change or having multiple names is quite common.


Get together with my family and interesting questions being asked

I found it interesting that within one week it happened twice that family members asked about my name change. Last week in Florida, my niece, Marcey asked me if she could ask me a personal question, upon which I said, ‘Of course!’ ‘Why did you change your name?’ She got the extended version. Now here was another question. This has prompted me to write up a narrative on my name change.

If you are interested to read this story, here is the link.
My Name Change Story

After some yummy pancakes, we said our goodbyes for now. I let everyone know I would be back later in the week, after my visit to New York. My brother, Ray asked me what I was going to do in New York. I said I was doing some work with Alexander Hamilton. I pulled a new a ten-dollar bill from my wallet and showed him the image of Alexander Hamilton. I said that I was in the middle of a personal process, with more to be shared when I return. In the meantime I will be writing about it in my blog.

I was off to visit another place that has left an imprint in my soul: Waldheim Park, an Evangelical Congregation Church Camp. From the ages of 9 till 15 I would spend one week there every summer, of which I have fond memories. I did take a little side trip to get a piece of Moravian Sugar Cake. At breakfast, this delicacy was discussed as one of our favorite family treats. Even though I know it is not the healthiest of all foods, it sure tasted good.

Thanks to my new best friend, my iPhone GPS, I found Waldheim Park without effort. In many ways it was like coming home. Most of what was there when I was a little boy is still there, even though the place is no longer in use as a church camp.


No longer a summer camp, but still so many places I recognize

For the next few hours I became a kid again, exploring the grounds, remembering what was here and what was there. Gone was the tether ball pole where I enjoyed the competition of hitting a ball on a cord around a pole. I would hit the ball in one direction while the other person would hit the ball in the opposite direction. The concession stand with all the goodies that a little kid could ever want was closed, but the building was still there.


I sat for a while in the church pews in the big open air pavilion, where we would have to go for worship services.


Open air pavilion where we had to attend the worship services

I met Gail, who had purchased and renovated one of the cabins. She invited me in, and showed me her remodeled summer camp cabin. She had done a great job! Right next-door was a cabin where I stayed a few times. ‘My’ cabin was now owned by a family that lived in the town where we used to go to church, and who actually went to the same church as we did.


Meeting Gail who purchased and beautifully renovated one of the summer camp cabins


Gail’s neighbors are living in a cabin where I stayed several times during summer camp

After being submerged in this part of my youth, in a space where the notion of time did not seem to exist, I got back on the road heading for New York… where I lived, worked, and died 210 years ago.
More to come!

Listen to you Heart and Follow Your Excitement!

Michael Hamilton

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Childhood Memories and Collapsing Dreams

As I am preparing to leave South Carolina and drive north toward where I grew up, I keep tuning in to the most exciting place to visit first.

Do I go and see my family in Lancaster County, PA?
Or do I stop and see a friend from my Air Force days, who now lives in Baltimore, MD?
Or do I visit Atlantic City, NJ, after 50-some years, a place I remember with fondness?

Atlantic City wins out. Many times, when I visited Pennsylvania, I had thought about revisiting the world renowned beach town. I always had an excuse and never went.


Atlantic City, New Jersey

Growing up in Pennsylvania there are two major events that are etched in my memory bank. The first one is: the Annual Grocers’ Picnic to Atlantic City with my family. The second: going to summer church camp at Waldheim Camp in Allentown, PA. I intend to visit the camp within the next few days.

The trip to Atlantic City by train was sponsored by the local Grocers in and around south eastern Pennsylvania in the 1950s and 1960s. Each summer, on that special day, my entire family would get up around 3:30 AM, so we could be at the train station nice and early. There were three trains departing from the Harrisburg area. The train would arrive at the Lancaster train station at around 5:30 AM, then drop us off in Atlantic City around 8:45 AM. We all preferred the early train because we would have more time at the ocean.


July 19, 1956, Train ride to the Annual Grocers’ Picnic in Atlantic City. On the right you see my Dad. And I am the little boy with the big smile on the right in the front row between the seats. I was 7 years old.

For my family this was the only day of the year we would go to the beach to play in the ocean. My dad was all about work, and this was his treat to the family. I was always bubbling with excitement and eager expectation on what would occur on this adventure. Who would I meet? What fun would I have? Later I realized that it was the one and only day a year where I could get away from my life at home.

Riding the train was such a delight, passing through so many towns and picking up so many people along the way. As we were approaching Atlantic City, seeing all the different buildings, the sand and the water, it was hard to contain my excitement. I was on a grand adventure!

Adventures can take you in unexpected directions with unexpected consequences. When I was 13 or 14, my buddies and I had purchased squirt guns on the boardwalk. On the train ride home, we were having fun squirting each other. I happened to squirt a guy named Turtle. He was 16 or so, and much bigger than me. Turtle was not happy and came after me. After running through several train cars, he caught me in the last car. He said something to me, then punched me in the nose. It was the first and the only time I was ever hit in the face…

This time in 2014, as I drive into Atlantic City, I experience a similar sense of adventure and excitement. What would still be there that I might recognize after so many years? Who would I meet?

I am looking for the bathhouses that were under the boardwalk. This is where we would go to change into our swimming suits and then walk to the beach. They are all gone. I learn in the Museum of Atlantic City that back in the day it was against the law to wear a swimming suit on the boardwalk. That’s why everyone walked to the beach underneath it. I always thought it was just fun to walk under the boardwalk.


Atlantic City Boardwalk – In my memory the boardwalk was loaded with people

The masses of people I remember strolling on the boardwalk are not there. The Diving Horse, the Three Stooges, with a new game of chance or a concert around each corner, they are all gone. Fires and hurricanes caused the destruction of the Steel Pier and reduced it in size to less than a third of what it used to be.


Atlantic City – Steel Pier closed for visitors

Everything seems to have changed. The only thing I find to be the same is the sand and the water. After all these years, it still feels great swimming in the Atlantic Ocean.


What has not changed is the sand and the ocean

Atlantic City had its high ups and deep downs since I was here last. In 1978, the first casino opened, the only legal gambling location on the east coast. For several years the beach town experienced a revival of its heydays. But now that more gambling venues have opened in the surrounding states, Atlantic City is experiencing a severe crisis. In 2014, 3 of the 12 casinos closed their doors, with the 4th closing mid September. 8,000 jobs are lost.

The most impressive structure on the boardwalk is the Revel Casino Hotel. The glass-covered building was built to appear as if it had been sculpted by waves. Its architecture is stunning. It opened just two years ago. Three days before my arrival, Revel closed its doors.


Atlantic City – Revel Casino Hotel – Opened April 12, 2012 – Closed September 2, 2014

Its owners have sought bankruptcy protection for the 2nd time. I hear from the locals that the owners knew early on, that they would never be able to make it. Construction started just before the Great Recession hit, and they had to take on so much debt it never could turn a profit. They wanted to stop construction and cut their losses. However, the City forced them to complete the project and open their doors, injecting $260 million into Revel as part of the plan to revitalize Atlantic City. It cost $2.4 billion to build and complete. This investment was all in hopes of having enough people who would come to their casino to gamble and leave their money behind. The crowds never came.


Revel – A big dream

I am unable to get inside the building. I hear that everything was the best that money could buy. They had top-of-the-line materials and first-class workmanship.


Revel Casino Hotel – A dream collapsed

It does not take me long to realize that I am here for more than a trip down memory lane. I begin asking myself questions like:

What is the essence of what has happened here in Atlantic City?
Is this a trend?
What is happening in the world of money, finance, and values?
Is the power of money changing and shifting?
Were my childhood memories just a permission slip to get me here to Atlantic City?
Was I guided to Atlantic City to explore and learn more about money and its shifting energy?

During these past weeks the topic of money has been in my awareness a lot. Money has been a theme for me during all of this life, and was a major theme in one of my parallel, simultaneous, co-existing lives. In 2008, I wanted to know why, so I asked our friend Cynthia Williams, if she could channel ‘Money’. She said that no one had ever asked her this, but she was up for the experiment. What came out was quite shocking!

I began calling the entity we connected with ‘The Money God.’ Over the past 6 years I have shared the channeling now and then. As I was traveling and writing my blogs, I have been exploring if and when I would share this information in my blog.

So, here we go:
Here is the link to listen to the recording.

Here is the link to read the transcript.
Cynthia Williams – The Money God 080319 transcript

The actual channeling is going to serve as a basis and foundation for the upcoming blogs on the subject of ‘Money’. Until this blog series on money and my parallel life is complete, I ask you to be open and ‘Listen with Your Heart’! It will be the first time I am publicly sharing the unconscious reasons why, in 1993, I chose Hamilton as my new last name. You decide what you choose to believe. Is what I am sharing fact of fiction?

The ‘Money God’ claims to be the most worshiped God of all time! Fact or Fiction? – You Decide!

Please, feel free to email any questions that you desire to explore further about my perspective. Keep in mind that ‘My Perspective’ is no more and no less valid than ‘Your Perspective’!


Back in Atlantic City, 58 years later, in my tie-dye, an experience that makes me ponder

I am now off to meet my family for breakfast on Saturday morning in Ephrata, PA.

Listen to Your Heart and Follow Your Excitement!

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Changing My Story

I am writing this piece in South Carolina at a rest area. I am traveling north on my way to Pennsylvania, then New York City and beyond. Yesterday, after two days of private time, I took Amayra to the airport for her 10:10 flight back to Phoenix. I was alone, and I began reflecting on my past week in Florida. I reviewed what had occurred, the people we met, and the experiences I had.


We treated ourselves to a drive to Cocoa Beach


The ocean, the far horizon, the waves, the colors, the sound, the smell, the breeze, the sand, the sun…

I was looking for the highlight of this part of my journey and what came up surprised me. My brother, his wife, my niece, her daughter, and her husband all live in the Orlando area. I had not seen them in a long time and had had very little contact with them over the years. I was open to meet with them. At the same time I was unattached if I didn’t.

Amayra said, ‘Michael, you and I have been together for 19 years, and I have never met your brother and his family.’ It was Amayra’s desire to meet them that created our getting together.


My brother Bob and his wife Joann

Changing my name in 1993 from Paul Weidler Groff to Michael Hamilton, created ripples within my family, from my children to my siblings. Being sensitive and not wanting to force my name and my beliefs on others, I would withdraw and allow contact to occur or not to occur. Mostly it did not, considering that we all live in different parts of the country.

This choice, a self-created one, created a STORY that I have been carrying with me for the past 21 years. The Story contained memories that seemed real and true. I would share from time to time, when relating what happened around my name change.

This Story, My Memory, contained my perspectives of what others were like, what they did or did not do, how they lived, their beliefs, etc. My Story was quite involved, with many aspects being true only in My Story.

Amayra and I visited my niece and her family on Monday afternoon and my brother and his wife on Tuesday morning. We met in their homes. What I experienced was delightful, fun, and loving! It was not in any way shape or form reflective of any aspects of My Original Story, which was a version that had created separation and alienation.


My niece Marcey, her daughter Tiffany, a budding visual artist, and their beloved four-legged

What came into my awareness was my experience at Mount Shasta with Mary, when I connected so intensely with the Now Moment, where there was no past and there was no future. I wrote about this in my August 15th blog.

By being in the Now Moment I was free to create My New Story, My New Memory, as one of Acceptance, Appreciation, Connectedness, and Love. I am not sure if it is possible, while being human, to not have Stories that we share with others. I do realize that we create all of our Stories from the NOW Moment. We are free to create Stories that unite us or to create Stories that separate us.


A glimpse into my brother Bob’s life. He proudly shows us around the Retirement Community where he lives. Everything you need is right there, plus alligators and cranes in the pond in front of his house.


‘The Village’, the community center where the residents gather. You can participate in… you name it


Golf carts are THE means of transportation, also when you are not a golfer. Everybody has one.

Thank You, Amayra, for initiating the Family Gatherings!

Thank You, Marcey, Tiffany, Alex, Bob, and Joann for helping me to re-write My Stories, to see, to feel, to accept, and to appreciate our differences and our similarities!

And Thank You, Fonda, for being such a wonderful hostess during our stay in Orlando. No blood family, but Soul Family connecting! A New Story altogether!

Fonda's house, where we were welcomed during our stay in Orlando

Fonda’s house, where we were welcomed during our stay in Orlando

I am on my way to see my other family members in Pennsylvania. I am curious as to what New Stories of Unity and Connectedness I will create.

Listen to Your Heart and Follow Your Highest Excitement!

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