Clarity Through Discernment

Diving deeper into my role as a captain, I found an article that really speaks to me. It is about the days of Lemuria, and the way things worked without rules. In the article it is suggested to view myself as a boat on the ocean. I can do anything I want, go anywhere I want to go, as long as I am aware of and responsible for everything my wake does behind me. If I get going too fast, turn and create a wake that ends up affecting other boats, I automatically take responsibility for whatever damage my path causes.

One of the statements in the article is:
‘Your responsibility is to share the light, not how the light is perceived by others.’

What an inspiration! This is the way to create a community where everyone is in harmony with one another, while being their true self and following their excitement. This is the community of the vision as I described it in my blog of October 2, 2014,

The article is a channeling by Steve Rother, who channels ‘The Group’. It was published in 2009 and is copyrighted by

Click here for the full article.
article shine your light – like a boat – steve rother 2009


Shine Your Light, and be like the sun transforming the leftover of last week’s snow…

My recent journey of reflection brought me face to face with one major challenge for myself and for most of us: knowing when I am in JUDGMENT or when I am using DISCERNMENT. I found two profound articles that spoke to me, both with a similar title.

The first article by Marina Michaels, is from 1995, published on It talks about how learning our lessons in life is no excuse for unethical behavior, or that we can get away with violating another person’s space or overriding their will. It also says that it is okay to draw lines and make boundaries. The basic way to distinguish between judgment and discernment is how it feels. If you can allow someone to be or do whatever they are doing, but you don’t want it to happen around you, that is discernment. If you have strong feelings that are associated with ‘right & wrong’, that is judgment.

Click here for the full article.
article judgment and discernment – marina michaels 1995


Rainbow Bridge and the last patches of snow

The other article is by Rev. Connie L. Habash, and was published in 2005. It emphasizes that judgment originates form the ego’s deception of being better or worse than someone or something else. Discernment is a more conscious approach. It is the ability to distinguish what is appropriate or inappropriate. With discernment we can make good choices.

Click here for the second article on Judgment vs. Discernment.
article judgment vs discernment – constance habash 2005


Our cat Sparkle chooses with discernment what is the best place for her to place her feet

I further reflected on it, and that took me deeper than I expected.

Since we met, Amayra and I have had ongoing discussions around this topic of being judgmental or being discerning. In our first years together, I did not fare too well in only being discerning, and not being judgmental. I found that being judgmental towards others has its roots in being judgmental to myself.

In my blog of October 25, 2014, I shared my experience of being in the ‘Inner Earth’.,
I was dealing with my own judgment of myself, and of my actions that brought about the destruction of Lemuria. I had to go back inside another time and embrace the perfection of me and of what I had done,  in order to increase the Love for Myself. Only then was I ready to believe in my perfection, in spite of and because of everything I had ever done, thought, said, or been.

I discovered that when I stop judging myself, I also stop judging others. My choice to stop this judging of myself then took me to being more able than ever before to accept others as they are, rather than as I wish them to be. Seeing all others as a perfect expression of who they are choosing to be, and a perfect expression of the Divine, has brought me inner peace. My dream made me take what I have heard numerous times to a deeper level.


Crossing the Rainbow Bridge takes you into a different world, where it is easier to make the changes in your life that you want to make

This ties into what at some point Bashar shared with me, about my wanting Amayra to get something I wanted her to get. I do not even remember the specifics. However, I do remember what Bashar told me:


I now have a more complete understanding what he meant and how it relates to acceptance, appreciation, and accountability with discernment. I did not want to make waves in my relationship with Amayra, AND I did not want to change my belief and my perspective. So I wanted Amayra to get it, to change and to embrace my way.

By not accepting Amayra’s point of view being equally as valid as my own, and appreciating the gift I was giving myself through Amayra’s perspective, I was judging her as being wrong. I though I could fix her and wanted to change her!

I was not discerning and I was for sure not being accountable for honoring her truth as being true for her, even when it might have been 180 degrees opposite to my truth. Throughout my life I have experienced pain as a result of my wanting others to change, which, of course, wouldn’t happen. No more of this pain!

When people come to NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley and would like to be a part, to live and work here, I choose to be discerning to the best of my ability, not in judgment. How am I to know whether their living and working here will serve the highest good of ALL? Only discernment can assist me there.


Sparkle takes her measures. No judgment, just accepting that snow is cold.

Coming back to ‘Why Is It So Easy’ as mentioned in my last two previous blogs, this has become more and more important to me.

My focus of choosing to look at things being easy and effortless has indeed made it easier for me to experience things coming to me as easy than ever before. It is now only a vague memory of my saying: ‘Why is it so hard.’

I have created a number of affirmations for myself where I am using the phrase ‘Why Is It So Easy’ as a mantra. I would like to share them with you.


Oak Creek, always flowing, never ending, no matter what the circumstances are. Easy!!

‘WHY IS IT SO EASY’ to Love Myself more than Anyone or Anything Else?

‘WHY IS IT SO EASY’ to receive Guidance, Direction and Inspiration from GOD, ‘All That Is’ through My Higher Self’s Inner Knowing?

‘WHY IS IT SO EASY’ to Attract Soul Family and Kindred Spirits who Feel a Resonance with the Assigned Mission and Vision of NuLEMURIA?

‘WHY IS IT SO EASY’ to Co-Create and Co- Steward ‘NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley’ in a State of Equality?

WHY IS IT SO EASY’ to begin Attracting and Manifesting in this reality a 4000 foot by 800 foot ‘Angelic Star Ship NuLEMURIA?’

‘WHY IS IT SO EASY’ to begin Attracting and Manifesting in this reality The Financial Abundance and Support to Fulfill the Assigned Mission and Vision?

I am recommitting to my journey being one of acceptance, appreciation, and accountability with discernment.

I am the only one accountable for my happiness and my inner peace.
Without my need to judge anything or anyone, I am free to be My True Natural Self and to align with relationships that serve my highest good.


Even though the buds are still small, springtime is coming. Just a matter of time.

The best I can do is to always ask for Divine guidance in my choices with discernment.

I Invite You to Love Yourself More Than Anything or Anyone Else,
To Listen to Your Heart and To Follow Your Heart’s Highest Excitement!


PS In the last few days the snow has completely disappeared. The final cleanup was done by the rain. We have had temperatures in the 50s and blue skies again. Sedona Winter…..


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Happy New Year


On December 17, 2014, I received this email from our friend Karen: “Hi Michael: How is the ‘Why Is It So Easy…going?  It’s been over a month now since you posted. Keep us/me updated or we/ I will find another guru.” Thank you, Karen!

I trust that Karen was just kidding about the Guru stuff. ‘The Guru Within’ is the only connection I have with the term Guru. In a conversation I had today, the topic of the lessons learned from the sweat lodge incident came up. I shared that I believe the biggest lesson to be learned from the incident is to never give your power away to anyone or anything. Connect with Your Own Guru Within for your answers!

Transformation at Angel Valley book cover

Transformation at Angel Valley by Michael and Amayra Hamilton, published in 2012

Yes, it has been a few months since I have shared my journey with you. It is not that nothing was going on in my life; actually quite the contrary. It has been a time of reflection, awakening, remembering and playing with the concept: WHY IS IT SO EASY?

Why, during these past few months, have things been unfolding in a very easy and effortless way? I believe that it was because my focus was on it being easy. Therefore I attracted things to me in an easy and effortless way.

hailey and michael

Hailey, 9 months old, and Grandpa

We were even visited by my son Josh, his wife, Andrea, my 9 months old granddaughter Hailey, and their dog Phoenix. It had been 6 years since they last visited us here in Angel Valley. All it took was: ‘Why don’t you come over for New Years’?’ Easy and effortless! And they came to experience the beauty of the most snow we have seen since living in Sedona!

7-circuit labyrinth in snow

7-Circuit Labyrinth on December 31, 2014

That is not to say I have not spent time on a few questions inside me, such as ‘What is the new direction for NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley?’ ‘What is my role in this new phase?’ I have had my moments of ‘What did I really sign up for when I came down this dirt road in 2002?’ With all that has occurred during these past 6 or 7 years, ‘Why are we still here?’

heart in snow

Heart in the Snow

During November and December, as nature went into hibernation, I found myself searching for the answers to those questions. The realization of what NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley is requesting of me and all who are living here, was at times a bit confusing, at other times overwhelming, and then at other times totally exhilarating…

light in snow

Let your Light shine!!!

I have always been intrigued by the messages woven into the Star Trek TV series and movies. Many years ago, my sister, Lynn, made the analogy between Captain Picard and myself in my role at Angel Valley. That discussion recently came back into my awareness. This morning, January 8, 2015, I had a conversation with Archangel Michael, whom I experience as my ‘Divine Guru Within’.

To read my conversation, please, click on the following link.

Message Archangel Michael 150108

Thank you, Archangel Michael!

diningroom terrace in snow

The sun was back on January 1, 2015, which made Winter Wonderland even more beautiful!

I invite you to Love Yourself more than anything or anyone else!
Listen to Your Heart and Follow Your Heart’s Highest Excitement!

My next blog is coming soon. The topic will be : Clarity, Direction, and Inspiration!


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Why Is It So Easy

A few months ago, I came across ‘The Book of Afformations’, written by Noah St. John. It discusses the concept of making statements about how easy something can be. Wow! Over 35 years ago I was introduced to the importance of using my sub-conscious mind to create changes in my life through my thoughts, my imagination and by using affirmations. What if there was an even more profound way of working with the subconscious!


The Book Of Afformations by Noah St. John

In the 1950s, the motivational speaker and radio personality, Earl Nightingale, authored ‘THE STRANGEST SECRET’. ‘We Become What We Think About’ was part of his message. This morning, while re-listening, I was reminded of the power and the magic of our subconscious mind.


The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale

In the above recording, Nightingale shares a story that he believes parallels the human mind. It is about a farmer who has some land. It is good, fertile land. The land gives the farmer the option to plant anything he chooses. The land does not care. It is up to the farmer to make the decision. Earl compares the human mind with the land. Just as the land does not care what the farmer plants, the human mind does not care either. It will return what we plant, but it does not care what we plant.

The farmer has two seeds in his hands, one is corn and the other is nightshade, a poisonous plant. He digs two little holes and plants both seeds. He covers the holes, waters the seedlings and takes care of the land. What will happen?

Invariably the land will return what is planted! The land does not care. It will return poison in just as wonderful abundance as it will return corn. ‘As ye sow, so shall ye reap.’


‘As ye sow, so shall ye reap.’

The human is far more fertile, far more incredible and mysterious than the land, but it works the same way. IT DOES NOT CARE WHAT WE PLANT! Success or failure, clear direction or confusion, clarity or misunderstanding, love or fear, confidence or anxiety! What we plant will return to us! ‘We Become What We Think About’


‘We Become What We Think About’

I now understand why the phrase: ‘Why Is It So Easy’ hit a cord of truth within me, when I read St. John’s ‘Afformation’ book. He provides insights into how this phrase works and why it is so powerful. I believe he has built upon what Earl Nightingale wrote over 50 years ago.

Since receiving the insight about NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley, my thoughts and imagination have been mainly focused upon what that means and what we need to do. By allowing NuLEMURIA to unfold organically and naturally we are being guided in presenting NuLEMURIA to the world.


Nulemuria In Angel Valley

I have begun using: ‘WHY IS IT SO EASY’. If the phrase: “WE BECOME WHAT WE THINK ABOUT” has any validity, then I will see my world reflecting my focus! Here are some of the different ways I am working with it.

WHY IS IT SO EASY to attract 30 day visitors to Angel Valley per day, every day?

WHY IS IT SO EASY to attract 10 paying guests per day, every day?

WHY IS IT SO EASY to receive 5 million dollars or more to pay off all obligations?

WHY IS IT SO EASY to pay all our obligations on time, every time?

WHY IS IT SO EASY to work with a heart-centered resident CHEF, who loves him- or herself, who has a heart-resonance with NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley, and the skills and interest to manage our kitchen?

WHY IS IT SO EASY to work with a heart-centered resident OFFICE MANAGER / GUEST COORDINATOR, who loves him- or herself, who has a heart-resonance with NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley, and the skills and interest to manage our office?

WHY IS IT SO EASY to work with a heart-centered resident CARPENTER, who loves him- or herself, who has a heart-resonance with NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley, and the skills and interest to do carpentry work?

WHY IS IT SO EASY to work with a heart-centered resident HOUSEKEEPER, who loves him- or herself, who has a heart-resonance with NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley, and the skills and interest to manage Angel Valley’s housekeeping department?

American King James Version – Mark 9:23
‘Jesus said to him, if you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes.’

Yesterday, while I was in the middle of rewording the phrase: WHY IS IT SO EASY to receive 5 million dollars, we received an email from PayPal, that we had just received a $300.00 donation from a guest who was here in April. I immediately shared this wonderful synchronicity with Amayra. We both felt we are on the right track.


The Strangest Secret – Why Is It So Easy?

Listen To Your Heart and Follow Your Highest Excitement,

Michael Hamilton

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An Experiential Vision

During the early morning hours of October 17, 2014, I had an experience, unlike anything I have ever had before in my life. Before I went to sleep I had been reading messages from Mikos of the Inner Earth in the book ‘Telos’, written by Diane Robbins. Before describing my dream, I’ll first share what I read, with a few minor edits.


Know that the Earth is a living entity and her environment is alive. The elements of our Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire are called ‘Elementals’ and they are alive with Consciousness. The Earth is imbued with Divine characteristics of Harmony, Balance, Sensitivity, and Love. The problem on the surface is that many people have not developed these qualities themselves, and therefore, cannot see it in others and not with the living Earth.

Once humanity’s consciousness reaches a higher state, they will be aware of all living things, such as the Earth, Mountains, Rivers, and Trees, and will be able to see these as ‘Living Beings’ clothed in different forms. Once people become more aware and more attuned to the Earth herself, they will identify with her and will know that the Earth and Humanity are One. Once this Oneness is acknowledged, people will revere the Earth as sacred, and the environmental destruction will end.

It is not really how to overcome environmental destruction, but rather how to raise Humanity’s Consciousness so that people can see that to destroy the environment is the same as destroying themselves. It is the awareness that will end the destruction, not anything technological.

We don’t have to do anything to the Earth to overcome Environmental Destruction, we have to change ourselves, and then the Earth’s climate and environment will follow. Remember, the Earth is just mirroring our thoughts, words, and actions.

Here in the Hollow Earth we are very aware of the connectedness of all life, and therefore honor all live forms in existence.

Energy is pouring onto the Earth plane in astronomical amounts now, and people are waking up by the millions. They are waking up to the divinity of all life and are beginning to see and sense beyond their physical five senses of taste, touch, smell, hearing, and seeing.

They are becoming aware of forces that exist in higher states of consciousness, and this alone will save the Earth.  


Living Earth – Art by Peter Kuller

Throughout my life I have had recurring dreams of going to a place that was similar to a tunnel, which I more or less perceived as being inaccessible. Up until last night I was never allowed, or maybe brave enough to go into the tunnel.

This time, I did enter the tunnel. I had this feeling that I may not ever come out. At the same time, I was not scared about not returning. I realized that I was being My Higher Self and I was in the Inner Earth. It was not that I was told where I was, but I just knew. It seemed like I was there for only a few moments. What I remember was feeling a deep sadness. I was crying and crying, and I kept saying that I was sorry. In a flash of total clarity, I saw that I participated as an Atlantean in the destruction of Lemuria. The next moment, I was back outside, not fully comprehending what had just happened.

There was a male presence waiting for me. He said that normally it was about a year before people would go back in. I said that I wanted to go right back. The moment I had that thought, I was inside again.

I had the same intense feeling of sadness, and again I was sobbing. This time, however, the sadness started to dissolve, and was replaced by a feeling of calm. I had a knowing that everything I had ever done, in any incarnation, was in Divine perfection.

I looked around the Inner Earth and everything was so beautiful. At that moment I just knew I could create anything I wanted out of thin air with only my imagination and my thoughts. Instantly I was sitting on a one-wheel vehicle that I created and knowing it could take me anywhere I wanted to go. It was my thoughts that gave it power to move and go forward. I thought to myself: would it also move backward? Sure enough, it went backward.

I experienced a profound sense of understanding how powerful I am, and how easy it is to create with my thoughts and my imagination. Once I became aware of that understanding, I was instantly back outside. Then I woke up.

Agartha, city in the Inner Earth (name of artist is unknown to me, but thanks!)

Agartha, city in the Inner Earth (name of artist is unknown to me, but thanks!)

Throughout the following day, I was exploring the importance of my lucid dream, which I refer to as an Experiential Vision. The following insights came to me, and I began writing this blog.

  • I went into the Inner Earth in order to experience my darkest dark: my participating in the destruction of Lemuria. Once I felt the pain of my actions I was also given the insight that it was all needed, that it was perfect, and I no longer needed to feel remorse, sadness, and guilt. I saw and experienced the bigger picture.
  • The insights I received were needed for me to fulfill my mission and purpose in this current life.
  • I have been invited to bring the message about Lemuria, Telos, and the Inner Earth Civilizations into the world! I have accepted the invitation and will do my best to share this message.
  • After working with Archangel Michael and Adama, I believe that approximately 90% of the people living today have a connection with Lemuria, Telos, and or the Inner Earth Civilizations. Most people have forgotten their connections. Of this 90%, around 60%, which boils down to half of the earth population, is willing to awaken and re-MEMBER their connections with these civilizations.
  • NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley holds the energy, doorways, gateways and portals for people who are ready, and are guided to connect, to have their Higher Selves access the consciousness of Lemuria, Telos, and the Inner Earth Civilizations!

Phoenix Rising above Angel Valley

The above photo was taken by Jane Chen on October 18th, the day after I had my Experiential Vision. This is what she wrote when she sent a number of her pictures:

I took this picture near your office roof. It just looked like a phoenix. In Chinese it means the creator. It can destroy everything and create everything again like the story said: The phoenix burned in the fire, then rebirth. The second picture is a very clear big cross in the sky! It was amazing! When we were leaving and driving toward the rainbow bridge, we saw a lot of angels flying all over the sky. It looked like saying good-bye to us! This trip was very blessing and joyful for us. We are very appreciative that we visited a beautiful and peaceful place, Angel Valley Retreat Center, and had a chance to share the information from you. We won’t forget this place and will come back again. Thank you so much and hope to visit you soon! I have more pictures to send you.

Listen To Your Heart and Follow Your Highest Excitement,

Michael Hamilton

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I returned to Angel Valley on Friday September 19th, fully expecting a gentle integration into the day-to-day life at Angel Valley as a New Me. For the previous 7 weeks I had been living a life of Following My Highest Excitement and only doing those things that brought me joy. The first 8 days things indeed flowed smoothly. I was enjoying my being back at Angel Valley and with Amayra. I never expected that in the early morning of my 9th day back ‘My Excitement’ would receive a turbo boost from Archangel Michael.

My New Journey has begun, as pieces of the puzzle are falling into place!!

This past Sunday morning I woke up very early, receiving clues, questions, and messages from Archangel Michael and Adama around the subject of Lemuria and Angel Valley. I was in our tent next to Oak Creek being as quiet as possible so as to not wake up Amayra. I began communicating with Archangel Michael, which is in itself is not unusual. However, this time it was both Archangel Michael and Adama communicating with me.


Adama, High Priest of Telos, the Subterranean Lemurian Community

One of the clues took me on a path of revisiting how we came up with the name ‘Angel Valley.’ In 2002, we were planning to rename the Deer Pass Ranch property, which we had just agreed to purchase, to Michael’s Vision. This was the name of our Retreat Center located at the base of Cathedral Rock. Archangel Michael came to me in a dream and told me to call our new property Angel Valley. He said that all the Angels were present and that it was not just him.

By that time, in 2002, I knew I had a real connection with Michael, but I was not too sure about my connection with all the Angels. Was I ready to announce to the world that all Angels were an intricate part of my life? It took me some time to wrap my head and heart around that concept, but then we decided to go for it and accept the opportunity to embrace the presence of all the Angels in my life.

Another clue had me reviewing an experience I had in the early 90’s. In 1992, when I was living in the San Fernando Valley, Southern California, I met two very nice and friendly beings, a man and a woman who claimed to be Lemurian, from Telos. They said they were hundreds of years old. I listened as they described their life and their city. While I thought it was fascinating, I must admit that I dismissed them as being a bit delusional.

Mount Shasta, home of Telos

Mount Shasta, home of Telos

Even though I was not able to fully embrace what I had heard, I was curious enough to make a trip to Mount Shasta at Christmas of the following year. This took place about 6 months after I changed my name to Michael Hamilton. I believe that Paul, the person who heard the two speak, and Michael, the person who traveled to Mount Shasta were two entirely different beings with a different vibration. The Michael version was ready to open up to the Lemurian people, even though it would take 20 years for me to start doing anything with it.

The clues also took me back to the Experiential Vision I received from Archangel Michael in 2008, when I was shown Angel Valley as a village where everyone was being their True Natural Selves doing what they loved doing. There was no name given to me at the time, so I described what I envisioned as a New Paradigm Angel Valley, a name I held onto during the past 6 years. Michael and Adama now said that I was ready to discover more about what was so magical and mystical about Angel Valley and why I was called here.

Art rendering of Lemuria. (Thank you, beautiful artist!)

Art rendering of Lemuria. (Thank you, beautiful artist!)

I headed to my office to check on my computer whether the name New Lemuria was available for a domain name. It was not! I felt a little disappointed and began to question: Did I miss some clue, or was I totally missing the message?

However, when I was in the shower the letters NU came to me. When Amayra came up, I asked her input. She suggested NU as a different spelling for NEW. She added that in Dutch the word NU means NOW. It dawned on me that, what I had been connecting with on my trip to Mount Shasta, and all the people coming on my path talking about Lemuria was a NOW Lemuria, a present day version.

That was it! I believed the name NuLEMURIA was the name that Archangel Michael and Adama wanted me to discover on my own through their clues. Michael had said that they were not going to give the name to me as he did with Angel Valley. He had said that in 2002 I was too dense to get the name Angel Valley on my own, so he gave it to me on a silver platter. But not this time!

I had a hard time to contain my excitement about NuLEMURIA and wanted to share it with Amayra. However, with Angel Valley being full with guests, and all that comes with it, I did not have time to share with Amayra before our Sunday Morning Gathering.

In our gathering there were 4 women present who were here on a retreat, Cara Marie who works with us, and Karen, the person whom I mentioned in an earlier blog. She surprised us with her lovely presence. Colleen from Phoenix came and then 4 women from Canada walked in. It was an exciting morning, with a lot of sharing around… guess what? The subject of Lemuria! When I mentioned what I had just experienced in the morning with NuLEMURIA, Colleen began to cry. She said that the Lemurian civilization was applauding the choice to introduce NuLEMURIA to the world, and that Adama, the High Priest of Telos, was very present in our room. I felt his loving and powerful presence with us throughout our gathering. It is still present!

I realize that Archangel Michael and Adama, and many others have been working together to assist in our awakening, our transformation, and in recognizing the truth about NuLEMURIA and Angel Valley!


Clouds at Angel Valley, telling a story…

Every day since Sunday, more and more people have been showing up for day visits wanting to connect with the land. Almost every day visit guest whom I have talked with has a connection with Mount Shasta and with Lemuria.

Maybe it is because I am discussing it more with people that they open up and share their experience with Mount Shasta, Telos and the Lemurian people. Whatever the reason it has kept me busy with exploring and understanding the connection between Angel Valley, Mt. Shasta, and Lemuria.

I had been talking about Angel Valley as birthing NuLEMURIA. Then last night, again in the shower, another clue was given to me: Angel Valley is and has been The NuLEMURIA all along and is only now ready to reveal itself. Or maybe it is rather that I am finally ready… It is similar to our building the landing pad in 2007 and calling it the Chartres Labyrinth. Only in 2012 were we ready to reveal to the world that our Chartres Labyrinth is in reality a landing pad.

It has become clear to me that Angel Valley is NuLEMURIA! With that realization my life will never be the same as I begin sharing NuLEMURIA with the world. I know it is already unfolding as My Journey into the exciting and unpredictable unknown.

Read about my perspectives on ‘What is Lemuria?’
141002 what is lemuria

We invite you to experience its essence of Transformation, Peace and Love emanating from the Land at Angel Valley!

WE GIVE THANKS AND GRATITUDE TO ALL BEINGS, SEEN AND UNSEEN, who have ever lived, visited, stayed, worked, come in contact with or thought about this land known as Angel Valley, for contributing your life force energy to revealing that Angel Valley Is NuLEMURIA – THANK YOU!

Listen to Your Heart and Hear GOD!

Michael Hamilton

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Arriving Home

I am sitting in the forest above Sedona just outside of Flagstaff as I finish the last blog of My Journey.

After leaving David and the Ancient Archangel Trees, with my little sequoia tree in the passenger seat, all I saw of Michigan during my 5-hour drive was rain. It did not stop until I drove into the Chicago area. It turned out to be a beautiful evening, camping right near where my daughter lives.


Camping at Fish Lake Beach


Hey, Amayra, I never knew you might have relatives in Illinois???

I had dinner with my daughter, Jaime and her two children, Mackenzie and Jack on Tuesday evening. It had been almost two years since I last saw them. It was good to see how beautifully the family has grown. I trust it will not be another two years until I see them again.


My daughter Jaime and my granddaughter Mackenzie, as we are having a good time together


My grandson Jack, the little joker

After reconnecting with my daughter, I felt I was complete. It was time to go home. The next few days of driving the 1700+ miles seem like a blur.

Driving did give me time to ponder on a spicy comment I received after my blog on Corporate Divinity and Healing the Crack in the Liberty Bell from Karen, who has been a guest/client returning to Angel Valley a few times a year over the last 8 years. We have come to know her as a woman who has no difficulty voicing her outspoken views of things.

Karen’s comment: “Unless you think the rest of us are idiots, I and everyone else have our own interpretations of what “Healing the Crack” and “Corporate Divinity” means….and it is very different (and better! says my ego) than your interpretation.” “What amazes me is that you haven’t even got your own business on track, and you want to tell us all how business should be run.”

I reflected on her observation. Thank you, Karen, for the ‘Gift That I AM Giving Myself Through You!’ While on My Journey I have come to realize on a deeper level how everyone and everything is PERFECT exactly the way it is. Karen’s perspective is every bit as valid as my own or anyone else’s and I do not need to understand nor change her perspectives and beliefs.


That is an interesting name. What would have inspired people to give the creek this name?


Let’s have a look what grows in or by Money Creek…. Well, not money, as far as I can see it

What I have been writing in my blogs has first and foremost been for my own benefit, my own transformation, and my own integration. I have shared My Journey as best I could, with the awareness I had at the time of sharing.

The book on Corporate Divinity that I announced in my blog of September 12th, is going to be written. It is not going to be about ‘me telling how business should be run’ in the traditional way. It will rather be about redefining what ‘doing business’ means, and what, from my perspective, is behind the current definitions. It will be a rethinking on all levels of the formulas that we currently live by, including business. It will be about exploring concepts from a different angle than what we even know in our nowaday society. These concepts have been part of more evolved human communities that lived and are still living in higher dimensions, like the Lemurians. In that sense the concepts are not new at all, yet not known or lived in our current world view.

I am being guided to create an opportunity for other people’s interactions and perspectives on the subject to be included. In the book I will elaborate on how ‘doing business’ is changing, and what my personal experiences and observations are and have been, while ‘in business’. When is a business really ‘on track’, to use Karen’s words? There is a variety of ways that things can be looked at.


I visit the Miami Missionary Tent people in Oklahoma, from whom we bought our ‘Heart Pavilion’ and another large tent we used to have. Always nice to see a living person behind the phone voice. Thank you, David, for showing me around!

As I am driving home, I am aware that My Journey will continue when I return to Angel Valley in a few hours, although it will take a different form. It is hard to believe that I have been gone 7 weeks and one day, almost 52 days, and have traveled over 7,000 miles. It has been an adventure!

I am not the same person as the one who got on the road on July 31st. Insights will continue being revealed in the days, weeks, and months ahead, and I will share them in future blogs. I have thoroughly enjoyed my writing. Actually, I have felt a void during the past few days when I was just driving, sleeping and eating, and did not take time to do any writing or take any photos.

Arriving at Angel Valley, I drive straight to the kitchen where Amayra is preparing the evening meal. It feels good to receive a warm welcome and truly feel I am coming home! Driving up to the house, I am greeted by a deer that is standing in the middle of the road, looking directly at me without moving. A beautiful omen!


A deer on our driveway welcomes me home

Listen to Your Heart – Hear GOD! Follow Your Highest Excitement!

Michael Hamilton

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Ancient Trees Archive

As I left Pennsylvania on Saturday I had a bit of a heavy heart, along with a sense of fulfillment. I had rewritten My Story by seeing the perfection and the beauty in all that I witnessed and experienced with my family and friends. I realized that my life as I knew it when I lived in Pennsylvania was over and my connection with my family has shifted. We are all doing our own thing, to the best of our abilities, we are all being our True Natural Selves, and we are all following God’s plan for our lives as best we can.

While being on My Journey I had placed an ad in Craig’s List for a Chef at Angel Valley, and gave them my phone number to call. I received a call from a young woman by the name of Hope, her birth name. She only lives 11 miles from the Pennsylvania Turnpike exit where I would be passing. We made arrangements to meet up on my way through her area.


Meeting Soul Family through Craigslist

Our time was delightful. We spoke the same language. We understood each other without a need to explain. It felt like a Soul Family member reunion. Time will tell if she will Listen to her Heart, feels a connection with Angel Valley,  and takes the leap of faith by taking a trip to Angel Valley.

She asked me, what I want in a chef and in a person?

I shared the following:
I want a person who is 100% passionate about what they do.
I want a person who loves him/herself more than anyone else.
I want a person who knows that they are for 100% the creator of their reality.
I want a person who realizes that everything coming in their life is a gift they are giving themselves through the other person or circumstance, so they never blame another for anything.
I want a person who is committed to assist in manifesting a New Paradigm Reality and who feels a resonance with Angel Valley being a 5th Dimensional Heart Centered Community.

She understood and felt a resonance with what I was sharing. I would love to have her come and explore the connection.

I continued driving west to the first rest area in Ohio where I spent the night. I don’t know what was going on all day Sunday, but I felt off. I was tired and it seemed like the day lasted forever. I am still not sure what occurred with my energy and I am still exploring.

On Sunday morning I received an email from both Diane and Amayra, telling me that they felt it would be good if I met with David Milarch, the Founder of The Archangel Ancient Tree Archive. They had not discussed this with each other. Synchronicity in action!


Amayra and Diane suggest to visit Archangel Ancient Tree Archive in Michigan

It was about 8 hours out of my way from where I thought I was going. After hearing their suggestion, I changed course and off to Copemish, Michigan, I went.

In 2012, a book was published, written by Jim Robbins, titled: ‘The Man Who Planted Trees’. Here are some excerpts from the book on the man I was about to meet.

“When is the best time to plant a tree? Twenty years ago. The second best time? Today.” – Chinese proverb.

In 1992, David Milarch, a northern Michigan nurseryman with a penchant for hard living, had a vision: Angels came to tell him that the earth was in trouble. Its trees were dying and without them, human life was in jeopardy. The solution, they told him, was to clone the champion trees of the world – the largest, the hardiest, the ones that had survived millennia and were the most resilient to climate change – and create a kind of Noah’s ark of tree genetics.

David began his mission of cloning the world’s great trees – something the scientists said could not be done. Here we are 20 years later, and David and his team have cloned some of the world’s oldest trees – among them giant redwoods and sequoias.


Here we are, in Copemish, MI

On Monday at around 10:00 AM, I met this beautiful man. When I first sat down he asked me to put out my right hand. With his index finger he touched one of my fingers, I do not remember which one. After 15 to 30 seconds he removed his finger and I felt energy moving through my body. He had assisted in grounding and calming my energy. I felt a bit light headed and my entire body was vibrating differently than before I sat down. During our meeting, he constantly gave me the feeling that of all that he saw in me he only shared 10%.

He asked me why I had come to see him. My first answer was because Amayra and Diane told me to. In reality I knew that, on an unconscious level, I asked them to suggest to me that I go. I knew there was an importance to visit and there were messages for me. I told him I had just been with the Redwoods in Santa Cruz, CA and I had felt a strong connection.

His son Jake walked in and David asked him to show me around. They have developed a process to take actual clippings of the branches of the 2000 to 3000 year old Sequoia and Redwood trees, from high up in the tree, and grow them. It was an amazing feeling to be with the saplings and the vibrantly healthy young trees, that were between a few inches and several feet in size.


Jake shows me how they start the seedlings until the roots pop through


Once the seedlings have roots they move to the hothouse, where they are misted from the top and heated from the bottom, teaching the tree that moisture comes from the air and heat comes from the bottom


After their time in the hothouse, they continue to grow in a protected environment


What scientists said could not be done is being done: cloned trees are growing in our reality!

When I was about to leave, David asked me to follow him into his planting area. He gave me a small twig that he told me to put into my shirt pocket. He then asked me to hold the branches of the 6 to 10 foot trees, to breathe in the aroma and to feel the energy. It was an awesome experience with the trees, after which I became light headed again. David walked over to an area where he had smaller trees. He began to communicate with them and went from one to another. He picked up one, then put it back down. He picked up another tree and handed it to me. He said it was a gift to be planted at Angel Valley! I was touched by this gesture, in addition to being very impressed by the work he does. He told me that the young Sequoia tree had already made a connection with me and would understand my thoughts. I would be able to talk with it.

All in all I was there about an hour. Yet, I feel like I have received a lifetime of information!

If you are interested to know more about The Ancient Tree Archive, please, visit

I sat the tree on the front passenger seat, and put my briefcase in front of it to keep it from tipping over, in case I had to stop suddenly. As I was driving I kept feeling the urge to give the tree a seat belt of its own. So I stopped at a rest area, unpacked some tie down straps I travel with, and picked out one that fitted. Now my tree buddy is secured. The tree is like my grandchildren, who also need to be secured in a car seat when traveling. They are both young in age, but carry ancient wisdom.


My Sequoia traveling buddy in his seatbelt

We will see what insights and what communication will go on between us over the next days.

Listen to Your Heart – Hear GOD and Follow Your Highest Excitement!

Michael Hamilton

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